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6 Essential Practices To Get More From Your Experiences

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Every experience you have has something to teach you. You may not know in each moment what that might be, but for sure if you dig a little deeper within yourself, you will find the interconnectedness of all experiences.

And you will discover for yourself that your current experience presents a doorway into a deeper recognition of yourself, and who you are beyond your ideas and conditioning. This can bring freedom from having to seek a particular state, and bringing attention to the flow of experiences that happen to you everyday.

Have you ever considered that every single experience you have is precious? Have you noticed this "preciousness" of being connected to a cycle of creation and dissolution?

Every moment is a unique, intelligent unfoldment that is more or less optimized. It is possible to optimize your own experience by starting to recognize that it is not random, but there is an intelligent functioning at work, helping you evolve and clarify your direction.

1. Think Holistically

Instead of compartmentalizing your life into physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, consider the viewpoint that they overlap and have connected lessons to teach us.

2. Practice Meditation

It will help greatly in discovering that you can allow experiences to happen and come to you, and you don’t have to habitually get distracted not staying with yourself.

3. Be Open To The Lessons

Give yourself the possibility to gain new insight and to stay with your experience without needing it to have a certain outcome.

4. Activate Your Guidance

Why not ask questions inward for a change? You might be surprised how much you can learn about your own challenges.

5. Be Permeable

Write down your dreams, trust your unconscious, start a journal and give space to taking notes when insights come into your consciousness.

6. Stop Rejecting

Not a single experience will reveal its treasure, without acceptance, openness, and kindness.

It is worthwhile to develop these qualities, and to know that there is not a single experience that doesn’t contain some light in it — if we only learn to embrace it and let it unravel its deeper lesson.

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