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5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Yoga Practice (and Life)

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Most of us have an affliction. We want more. We want to do the next thing or reach our next goal (Or, sometimes, we just want more cookies!). And, while more is not always a negative, we forget that we can get more out of right now.

On your mat, instead of pushing for 'someday', try to practice today. Let yourself become engulfed with the magic and heartbeat of the present; then, watch what unfolds…

You are already enough. Try incorporating these five lessons into your yoga practice and feel more like you today.

1. Be where you are.

The only way to to get to tomorrow is to be here today. This is also true for your practice. Witness where you actually are (not where your brain tells you you 'should' be). Do not begrudge the present! Wherever you are at is perfect; stop telling yourself it's not.

2. Ask questions.

Being 'grown up' does not mean you know everything; on the contrary, being grown means you know the value of dialogue and reflection and are mature enough to engage with it and not take it personally. If you want to learn—ask. The only person that is thinking you 'should' know this or that question is 'stupid' is you!!!

Give yourself permission to be a beginner. Because, let's face it, all of us are.

3. Take a deep breath.

Right at the moment in practice when you want to run away or plan your dinner (you do that too?!), take a breath.

Conscious breathing has a way of bringing us back to the moment and simultaneously grounding us. Sometimes, our mind tells us we can't handle something, but our breath reminds us we can! If you want to be able to experience and handle more—breathe more.

4. See the big(ger) picture.

This is probably the main reason I meditate and practice. Too often, we get caught in muck of details, losing sight of the power of our attention. Simply, by thinking myopically, we lose the depth in qualitative experience. Rumi says: "You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean."

Be bigger then your judgement or agenda. Allow yourself to become fascinated with the ebb and flow of your practice, and notice how this mirrors your daily existence. Be everything.

5. Offer gratitude.

One of the best practices you can have is gratitude. Say 'thank you' like you mean it. Reflect on three positive things that happened everyday. Whatever your gratitude practice is, use it! Let gratitude bring vividly color your day.

Remember, if you want more in your yoga practice (or in your life), recognize it! Be thankful that more is already here.

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