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Ever left a yoga class because you weren't jiving with the flow of your teacher's music playlist? While I haven't walked out of a class based on my instructor's music choice, I've thought twice before returning. You may be thinking, "That's a little extreme." But you might also be thinking, "Totally!"

If you read my last blog post on DOYOU, you'll know that I'm highly distractible, to the extent that it's

  1. a challenge in my yoga practice, and
  2. visual stimuli (like mirrors in yoga studios) are my kryptonite.

The secret to a satisfying yoga practice with tunes seems to lie in finding the right combination of style, sounds, and intensity. This week I've been restricted to home practice (no spicy backstory here, I just have a slew of deadlines and a mountain of laundry to contend with). While procrastinating, I created a few super-sweet home yoga playlists and I want to share my top 5 yoga songs with you.

You probably have your own faves (and I want to hear them!), but the top 5 from my home yoga sound collection are:

1. Jon Hopkins – Monsters Theme

Sounds: Soaring and bittersweet

2. STS9 – Better Day

Mood: Pensive and nimble.

3. Younghoon Beats – All Alone

Feelings: Chill, mysterious, and sensual

4. Echaskech – On your mind

Intensity: Flowy and penetrating

5. Kuedo – Salt Lake Cuts

Vibe: Sexy, strong, and sweaty (chaturanga to the exhilarating sound of a rhythmic, electronic cracking whip!)

Let's continue the playlist.

What are YOUR favorite yoga songs?

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