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5 Yoga Poses That Promote Self-Realization and Empowerment (And Why)

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There is nothing that a partner finds more attractive in their special someone than absolute confidence, self-love, and a fabulous sense of ease, humor and adventure! All of these things come from living a life that we love, one that allows us to be the best version of ourselves.

Often we find ourselves trapped in what we should be, or could be, and worrying about the details of what is missing in our lives. In doing this, we prevent ourselves from living, and being present, in the moment.

We overlook all of the wonderful things that we already have deep down inside ourselves, the things that make us the most amazing catch in the world to those looking in from the outside.

Igniting Your Sense Of Empowerment

Yoga is one of the simplest ways in which to build your self-confidence and to feel empowered. It teaches you to use your body to accomplish things that you may have once thought impossible, whether it is being able to reach your toes, or coming to balance in a funky arm balance.

That is the beauty of yoga – it doesn’t only build a kick-ass beautiful and strong yogi body; it also teaches you how to be the strongest, most confident, and compassionate version of yourself, while helping you to find inner peace and serenity. In finding your true authentic self, you are able to embrace and share that compassion, happiness and love, bringing it into your personal relationships, and taking them to a deeper level.

Come To Your Mat!

When we come to our yoga mat, we come to understand that yoga isn’t just about how much we sweat. It is a freedom to explore the world, a source of resilience, and a fabulous means of self-expression through movement and style. It is an outlet for feeling good and loving your body.

Yoga increases self-confidence, self-love and your ability to be present, to live life with passion and energy. How amazing is that – to be able to share this wonderfulness with those closest to you!

1. Warrior II – Stand Strong, Be Courageous, And Ooze With Self-Confidence

5 Fab Yoga Poses For Beginners Standing poses demand involvement from every single part of the body. As in life, without a steady foundation, you will never be able to extend to reach your maximum. They teach you about firm grounding, and only from there can you really begin to grow, to show your true colors and start to reach your full potential!

Warrior 2 celebrates our unique strengths and positive qualities. It connects us to the absolute power that resides within our bodies, starting with our legs but reaching every muscle and joint to keep us strong like a warrior. This is an excellent pose to restore a feeling of power and confidence. Dig deep into your heart, into your hips and sink down low to the ground and scream out loud “I can and I will!”

2. Wheel Pose – Finding your Passion for Life

wheel-pose Extending backwards into the unknown helps you to confront your fears when life throws you a curveball, which can happen even in the best of relationships. Allow your body to feel invigorated and allow that to filter through to your mind, increasing your trust in yourself and your journey.

Backbends open the chest, expanding your heart center to bring a joyful vitality into your life, which spills into all aspects of your life and relationships.

Wheel—this fabulous backbend engages every single muscle in the body. It opens the entire front of the body, while giving the spine maximum stretch! This pose leaves you feeling ready to take on the world with your newfound energy and strength, and absolute passion for life!

3. Headstand – Finding Your Positivity And Calmness

Top-5-Yoga-Poses-To-Power-Up-And-Awaken-Your-Inner-Warrior1 Holding a position with a whole new relationship to gravity demands a certain steadiness of body and mind. Inversions let us to see things from a new angle, gaining clarity, a fresh perspective, and introducing calmness into our worlds.

The headstand is often referred to as the new King of asana with its amazing benefits. This pose presents a huge mental challenge as it asks us to overcome our fear of the unknown. It is incredibly calming to the nervous system, stimulating to the heart, and strengthening to the spirit. Anything that strengthens our spirit AND calms our minds is a MUST to practice!

Feel the zen return and celebrate that calmness with your loved ones over a beautiful candlelit dinner, a stroll on the beach or whatever rocks your world.

4. Dancer’s Pose – Practicing Mindfulness. Being Present.

dancers-pose Balance poses highlight our state of mind. It is hard to stay steady in a pose when your mind is racing. They provide you with the opportunity to develop a sense of poise, clarity, and a steadying of the mind. They require you to be present in that very moment.

Someone who is present, who can look straight into the eyes of their partner and have it be both felt and seen that they are with you in that very moment is extremely attractive, and beyond irresistible!

This beautiful and challenging pose requires focus, balance and a high degree of flexibility. This pose embodies a sense of confidence, inner strength and complete and utter empowerment!

5. Crow Pose – Discover Your Inner Child

How Do You Do Crow Pose Without Your Knees Hurting Your Arms Finding your balance in a yoga pose can help you to develop self-sufficiency, giving you an enormous confidence boost.

Arm balances invite a sense of carefree play, encouraging you to not take yourself too seriously. Learning to fall down, and rise up again, laughing along the way is part of our yoga experience and how we learn to grow. Laughter and humor are key ingredients in any strong relationship.

In helping us conquer the fear of falling, practicing Crow builds confidence in other areas of our lives. Many of our initial attempts in this pose may fail due to self-doubts, but with a carefree approach to falling we soon overcome these fears.

It is never to late to find the courage to follow your dreams and live the life you love. Just give yourself permission to reach deep inside and go find that sexy, confident and empowered YOU and watch your relationships flourish.

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