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5 Yoga Fails You Can (Probably) Not Avoid

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Most of us would like to think that yoga is this beautiful, graceful practice where body and breath unite and postures flow into and out of one another like a river rushing over stones. It's true; sometimes yoga asana practice is poetry of the body that is stunning to look at. But there are other times where yoga is not so hot, or rather you are not so hot while doing yoga.

There are those moments where small disasters happen during class, and no one seems to talk about them. Lets face it, we have all experienced at least one of the following five yoga mishaps at one time or another. So why don't we collectively breathe a sigh of relief knowing that everyone has embarrassing moments in class, and that it is all a part of the process of enlightenment. Probably.

The Top 5 Yoga Flubs That Everyone Has Experienced:

1. A Wardrobe Malfunction

I can certainly recall at least one horrifying moment in Upward Facing Dog when I realized that my new top did not stay put the way I thought it would, or that time in Downward Dog when I unintentionally flashed the whole room my undies. An outfit that looks great while you stand and look in the mirror may not always translate to some of the postures of yoga. I think we have all learned that the hard way at least once.

2. The Breaking Of Wind

Remember that time you ate that awesome rice and bean dish a little too close to class, and then you found out that the teacher was going to focus on lots of deep twists? Yoga is awesome for cleaning and cleansing the body but sometimes it is a little too cleansing, if you know what I mean. Just rest assured that really, everyone has done it at some point!

3. Flowing To The Beat Of Your Own Drummer

I have personally been in classes where I was sure I knew where the teacher was going to lead us next, only to find out that they went in a totally different direction with the asana and I ended up doing something completely on my own. There have also been those moments when I was sure the instructor told us to step with our right foot, but really they said left and I ended up face to face with the person on the mat next to me. Sometimes you just get lost in the flow!

4. Topsy Turvy Postures

Balance postures can be tough, even on good days. But there are those days where standing on one leg is not going to happen, even if you are focusing with dagger eyes on a fixed spot and holding your core as tight as you can. I think everyone has taken a spill in class at least once or twice, I have even done so when I was front and center. Ah well, you win some you lose some!

5. The “Can't Quite Get There” Moment

My favorite yoga asana faux pas is when the instructor leads the class into an asana and it appears that everyone in the room can do it except for me! I have been in a class where I kept slipping out of a standing twist posture, and another one where everyone was balancing in handstand like it was no big deal – while I donkey kicked for the whole 10-breath cycle. It seems so matter how long you have been practicing, there will always be something to work on.

Contrary to what you might think, these little incidences are great for the ego. Instead of being afraid of yoga mishaps and letting it deter you from going to class, remember these things have happened to everyone! Just brush yourself off, move on, and keep trying!

Have any of these ever happened to you?

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