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5 Ways Travel Can Heal

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Travel is a powerful way to heal the soul, cleanse the mind, and open the heart. Whether you spend your time in the middle of nowhere, on a secluded island, at a group retreat, or alone in a bustling city, being in a different environment has been known to be therapeutic to your mind, body, and soul.

Here are five ways traveling can heal:

1. Travel Forces You To Be Present

Amazing things happen when you travel but you can only enjoy the experience when you’re wholly immersed in the present. Traveling to a foreign environment takes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to focus on what’s happening in the moment instead of what happened in the past. Your intuition sharpens when you’re soaking in the sounds, tastes, sights and smells of your new surroundings.

Epiphanies, messages, and inspiration come easily because you are more open to receiving them. It’s no wonder many people return home from their travels with new awareness and fresh perspectives, ready to take on life’s challenges and opportunities again.

2. Travel Shifts Your Mood

You probably have had your loved ones complimenting you on your “vacation glow” when you’re just back from your time off. It’s not just your tan they’re commenting on. The positive shift in your whole being, your mood, and your energy is visible to everyone. Travel snaps us out of negative energy, depression, and stress. In many branches of astrology, there is a belief that negative energy can be redirected to positive outcomes if you actually work with that energy. Chinese and western astrologers advise traveling when they see potential conflicts coming up in their clients’ charts so that the negative energy can be redirected to the challenges of travel.

3. Places Have Souls That Soothe And Transform Us

Certain places touch our spirit and soul more than other places. These high-energy places draw profound healing to those who visit. Perhaps it’s the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding nature, the enigmatic ruins and art left by the civilization before us, or it could simply be the genuine happiness and authenticity of the people living there.

For example, Bali is community-oriented with lots of dance, music, rituals, and recognition of spirit everywhere. Being there, you can’t help but fall under its spell. Sedona’s incredible red rocks have been known to have a grounding, stabilizing energy that enhances the power of prayers and meditation. Beauty, whether natural or man-made, has the power to expand our senses and connect us deeper to the inner self.

4. Having Alone Time Forces You To Look Within And Face Your Fears

Travel always awakens and stirs something within, especially when you’re traveling solo. Even at a group setting, allow yourself plenty of alone time for self-reflection. You could be surprised by your own findings. Perhaps you’ve been living under someone else’s version of life or limited by your own fears. If you’ve never traveled far by yourself, definitely try it! It’s a good way to find whether you’re comfortable with yourself. And if you don’t enjoy the experience, ask yourself why not!

5. Travel Cultivates Gratitude

Many of us tend to take for granted what we have and get frustrated when life throws us a curve. It takes being out of your comfort zone to realize how lucky we really are to have our daily comforts readily available, and yet how similar we are to everyone everywhere when it comes to love, family, and relationships. In my travels, I’m often touched by the kindness of strangers.

The people we meet and encounter during our travels serve as a reminder to treat others with similar kindness, no matter where we are, and to be grateful for the goodness that life offers. Trust that the universe hears your gratitude and the more gratitude you cultivate, the more goodness comes back to you!

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