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5 Ways To Improve Concentration

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“Through meditation and by giving full attention to one thing at a time, we can learn to direct attention where we choose.” Eknath Easwaran

A lot of people want our attention. Take a walk through any city center and your mind will spin with the dizzying number of companies and brands who ask us to pay attention to them amid the chaos. Below are 5 ways to improve concentration regardless of the distractions that surround you.

1.) The Multi-Benefits Of Yoga

Every day more scientific research is done to examine the mental benefits of the practice. Studies have found that yoga reduces stress, anxiety, and depression while increasing creativity, memory, and focus.

2.) Take A Moment And Meditate

A simple daily practice, as little as a few minutes, has tremendous benefits. Close your eyes, and deepen the breath through the nose, inhaling and exhaling strongly. The increased oxygen levels bump up our energy levels and improve our sense of awareness. Another way to improve concentration is to reduce stress. Close the eyes and place the hands on the belly. Breathe deeply in and out, expanding and contracting the belly. Belly breathing triggers the relaxation response, the opposite of fight or flight. It calms us and a calm mind is a focused mind.

3.) Choose A Quiet Neighborhood

Where you lay your head has a lot to do with how you think. A cool neighborhood that’s filled with movers and shakers is fun, no doubt. The trouble is that these places are not conducive to a good night sleep. Sleep gives your mind and body a chance to relax and recharge. That sense of refreshment improves our ability to concentrate. You can go to fun and crazy. You don’t need to live in it.

4.) Friends Make All The Difference

Want to make a resolution that will change your life immediately? Give up negative people. Negativity drains our energy and erodes our ability to concentrate. When you surround yourself with people who are positive and motivated, you’re more likely to be the same way. Concentration is a much easier task when we’re happy with our lives as a whole.

5.) You Are What You Eat

Nutrition affects all parts of the body, the brain included. Eating a well balanced diet and staying hydrated is one of the best things we can do for our mental health. Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish like salmon, vitamin E in dark chocolate and nuts, whole grains, and antioxidants in berries have all been found to improve attention and concentration.

The world may be full of distractions, but we don’t need to be distracted. Take care of yourself – mind, body, and spirit – and watch your concentration soar.

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