5 Ways To Chill Your Yoga This Summer

While some yoga fans are drawn to hot yoga, and enjoy the intensity, it isn’t for everyone. I’m suggesting that everyone just chill out during the summer – that means you hot yoga fans, and cranky people. Even the locals of southern India, where it’s hot and humid year-round, head indoors for cooler temperatures to do yoga.

So here are a few suggestions to chill your summer.

1. Turn Off The Heat

Why on earth do you need more heat? Especially if it’s 95 degrees outside. Your body needs a break.

2. Do Yoga In The Water Or On A Stand Up Paddleboard

Water is the ultimate refresher.

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3. Do More Lateral Poses And Backbends

This opens, stimulates and cools the torso.

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4. Incorporate More Meditation And Pranayama Into Your Practice

Feel free to warm the body up a bit, but don’t forget to cool the mind. Need some ideas on how to start out with meditation?

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5. Slow The Pace Of Your Practice

Move with the full inhale and exhales of your breath. Don’t be in a hurry to get to the next pose.

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