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5 Ways To Chill Your Yoga This Summer

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While some yoga fans are drawn to hot yoga, and enjoy the intensity, it isn’t for everyone. I’m suggesting that everyone just chill out during the summer – that means you hot yoga fans, and cranky people. Even the locals of southern India, where it’s hot and humid year-round, head indoors for cooler temperatures to do yoga.

So here are a few suggestions to chill your summer.

1. Turn Off The Heat

Why on earth do you need more heat? Especially if it’s 95 degrees outside. Your body needs a break.

2. Do Yoga In The Water Or On A Stand Up Paddleboard

Water is the ultimate refresher.

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3. Do More Lateral Poses And Backbends

This opens, stimulates and cools the torso.

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4. Incorporate More Meditation And Pranayama Into Your Practice

Feel free to warm the body up a bit, but don’t forget to cool the mind. Need some ideas on how to start out with meditation?

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5. Slow The Pace Of Your Practice

Move with the full inhale and exhales of your breath. Don’t be in a hurry to get to the next pose.

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