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5 Ways To Apply The Elements Of Ayurveda To Your Life

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Ayurveda is the science of life and optimal longevity. A key focus in Ayurveda is the 5-Element Theory. If there is too much or too little of any one of these elements in our lives, an imbalance occurs. We call this disease. When our bodies and minds are balanced, we can make smart, nourishing choices. This clear thinking allows us to achieve the health and lifestyle changes we seek and helps us create our best life ever.

It's A Simple Concept, But Not Always Easy To Enact

Maintaining interest in our own balance requires paying attention and making the corresponding sensitive adjustments necessary to return to a state of balance. Balance is not that hard to find, but it is hard to maintain. An easy reminder of the 5 basic principles or elements is to take your right hand, turn it towards you, and align the elements like this:

  • Thumb = Fire
  • First finger = Air
  • Middle finger = Ether
  • Ring finger = Earth
  • Pinky finger = Water

The first time I was introduced to Ayurveda, I was stressed out and in a state of utter imbalance. I needed healing. I credit that introduction to Ayurveda for saving my life, just as yoga asana had done years before. I thought that I could achieve balance simply by doing more yoga poses—and had tried that for five years– but I realized in class that overdoing the poses was only adding to my stress. When I combined yoga and Ayurveda, its sister science, I found the healing I needed.

How I Apply The 5-Element Theory To My Life

  1. I begin each day by grounding myself into the earth element so I feel peaceful and calm.
  2. I cleanse my mind and body through the water element.
  3. I stoke the power to recreate my life through the fire element and set clear intentions for myself.
  4. I appreciate and embrace the newness of the air element all around me with each breath serving as a fresh start. The breath is a reminder of unconditional love.
  5. I appreciate new possibilities through the ether element. I stoke my intentions without seeing evidence of things unseen.

Personally, I need each of these elements. I have to feel safe, to cry, to breathe, and stoke the creative power within me to rebuild my life. If you too are seeking an amazing opportunity to come back into your own best balance, try the 5-Element Theory in your life. You won’t regret it.

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