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5 Tips to Ward Off Seasonal Slumpville

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The leaves are changing colors, along with the clothes we wear and the moods we’re in. I feel the fall coming into my bones: my body temperature declines and my energy drops. There’s another name for this feeling. It’s called “Seasonal Affective Disorder.”

To prevent this slump, I like to cuddle on the couch under a nice, warm blanket, car parked in the driveway because Miss Chocolate and I have a date with each other. The energy to leave the house is non-existent and the octaves in my voice are similar to Barry White.

Don’t want to follow the seasonal crumbs into Depressionville? Here’s my advice.

1. Leave the house.

It’s colder outside, the air is fresh, and the leaves are asking you to look at them. Get your nature walk on – when you return, your mood will be lifted and you will feel like doing it again tomorrow.

2. Attend a Warm Restorative or Hatha class.

Doing something gentle in heat is sure to stoke the inner fire and evoke feelings of love and comfort. Don’t bring your chocolate inside the hot room, though.

3. Dress in bright colors.

Wear reds, pinks, and jewel-toned colors to trick your mind into believing you are upbeat and energetic. These tricks turn into reality, and before you know it, you are wearing these bright colors internally.

4. Eat soup.

Nice, hot, comforting soup. This will fill you up and keep your tummy nice and full. Make sure it’s filled with vegetables, protein and low glycemic carbs, like sweet potatoes or yams.

5. Drink tea.

My favorite is Vanilla Rooibos, but any herbal tea will work!  If you are okay with caffeine, go for some green tea – the antioxidants and benefits of this elixir will ward off seasonal flus!

Bonus: Give yourself a good dose of endorphins.

If nothing else, put on some great music and get your boogie on! Moving around and increasing the heart rate releases the body’s energy promoting endorphins. Call some friends or family and share your thoughts; communicate how you feel in a blog or journal.

Remembering what you are grateful for is another sure way to drape a smile across your face.  If you find that you’re grateful for nothing, well, you’re alive. The gift of life alone is truly worth cherishing. Keep living.

Image credit: Kelly Snyder / Yogi: J Mauss

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