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5 Tips To Score A Yoga Teaching Job At Your Favorite Studio

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Loving yoga and teaching yoga are often two entirely different animals. Chances are if you are doing the dance called being-employed-as-a-yoga-teacher, you’ve probably noticed this already. So what’s a yogi to do?

As I open my second studio and look for inspiring teachers—I feel you! While hardly an exhaustive list, here are a few *tips* for scoring a job at your favorite studio:

1. Say What You Do

When I audition teachers, I often ask, ‘what kind of classes do you teach?’ or ‘what is special about you as a teacher?’ Get intimate with yourself and know how (and what!) you teach! Are you musical? Philosophical? Mighty? Remember, you don’t have to be anyone but yourself. (Hint: Stop trying to be your teacher…) But, for pete’s sake, do YOU!

2. Know What You Are Good At

As an owner, I’m always looking for ways to make my teachers shine! That being said, my teachers lead the way. When growing yourself as a teacher, you have to think critically. What are you always being complimented on? Are you an anatomy buff? Can you make a rad playlist?

Find the things that are in your toolkit and use them! It’s always better to be really great (and confident!) at something, than to try to do everything.

3. Do What You Say

My biggest pet peeve when hiring yoga teachers is false representation. (I’m looking at you, Facebook and Instagram!) Nowadays, everyone is their own ‘brand.’ While this is not an issue in and of itself, branding over teaching is!

I’ve auditioned many teachers with hugely *inspiring* branding and, frankly, lackluster classes. All the Instagram followers in the world cannot make up for solid teaching. And while some of these things will get you an audition, too much hype can actually let you down by creating BIG expectations. Take a break from the social media and practice. Take classes.

Be wary of your own hype. Honesty is always better than celebrity.

4. Get To Know The Studio And Owner

When you go on a road trip, you take a map. Trying to get a job in the yoga industry is no different! If you want to get somewhere (or some studio), you have to know where you are heading! Take classes at the studio you want to teach at. (Bonus: Take a class with the studio owner.) You should be able to describe the style and energy of the studio you are auditioning at before you approach working for it. And, you should be able to tell staff precisely why you are a great fit!

5. Crave Feedback And Be Hungry

At the end of the day, hiring decisions usually involve a bit of gut intuition. Owners and managers look for excitement. We look for people to love our studios as much as we do! Get curious about how you can grow within the vision of the studio. Simply, leave your ego at the door and be a team player.

Trust me, camaraderie and cheer will serve you to no end. In yoga, and in life, kindness always wins!

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