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5 Tips To Move You Into The Direction That Makes You Feel Alive

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We all have a past, a history, a fabulously tangled web of stories that have shaped us and brought us to this wonderfully bright, unique, and amazing moment in life. No matter who we are, we all bring some degree of baggage with us into each new relationship or friendship—literally or metaphorically speaking.

Sometimes when things have hurt us badly in our past, we have a tendency to find it hard to let go of those things that haunted us for so long. By not letting go and not opening ourselves to being vulnerable, we lose the opportunity of finding something amazing that could be just around the corner: a new friendship, a new love, a new path on our journey through life.

Letting Go

One of the main things I learned through my yoga practice and teaching is that our journey in life is all about letting go; letting go of what we think we are, what we think we should be, what we are supposed to achieve, how we should look and feel like…and the hardest thing ever in the world for me but by far the most important – letting go of self-judgment.

Yoga teaches us to embrace change, to accept that life cannot be predicted, and that the real joy in life is flowing into the unknown, trusting ourselves to handle the inevitable highs and lows that are thrown our way.

Our choices, our beliefs, and our values, are what shape our journey.

When we begin to let go, everything begins to break down. All the things that we used to define ourselves by slowly begin to vanish in the blink of an eye. Our expectations disappear and we realize that reality – our own version of reality – is something completely subjective, and impermanent. We see that every individual is responsible for their own happiness, and is uniquely special and on their very own journey.

Creating Space for Love and Positivity

Do you ever wonder why sometimes we find ourselves in similar situations time after time? Do you notice patterns from your past relationships that seem to come up again and again in new relationships?

This is life sending us the same lessons until we learn from them, helping us to master the art of letting go and move towards happiness. It is about learning how to create space within us for positivity and love.

The choice is yours. Choose to spend time atpeace, listen to your intuition and follow your dreams. Spend less time in a job that you hate. Let go of unnecessary relationships that steal your soul. Live the life you dream of.

Choose happiness. Choose to be the best version of you that you can, each and every day.

The more you listen to your body through the mindfulness practices of yoga, the more you tune in and start feeling the sensations of your energy body. Then, the cause and effect relationship becomes clearer, and you will naturally start making energetically healthier lifestyle choices.

5 Ways Yoga Helps You to Let Go

  1. Yogis have the ability to get lost in their breath, in the moment, and take one step at a time on their way into a challenging asana practice, or an unexpected change of direction. When you live in the moment and surrender to what’s happening right now, you always seem to end up exactly where you need to be. Feel your troubles melt away, allowing this clarity and peace of mind to guide you forward.
  2. Yoga can show you the way to learn to love all of your perfect imperfections. It allows you to recognize that even when one door closes, you feel safe in the knowledge that another will open. It teaches us to have faith in the universe, to learn to trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.
  3. Yoga teaches you how to connect with your breath. A deep breath in and a big sigh out help to release the tension of the moment. Breathe it all in, let it all go, re-center and go to that safe, comfortable place within. Remember that each new breath is an opportunity to start afresh!
  4. Yoga provides a safe space, a sanctuary, for you to go when your mind starts to wander or when the ego tries to talk you out of walking away from what no longer serves you. Whether your practice is a 20-minute sun salutation flow, or a 90-minute asana, you will always find yourself coming to a place of peace and stillness within your heart and mind. It is in the moment between the breaths that the change and growth begin to happen.
  5. The idea of non-possessiveness also means letting go of anything that prevents us from moving forward in a healthy fashion. It teaches us to live life in a centered way, rooted in our inner reality—not being dependent on or holding onto memories of others, or expecting them to make us happy and fulfilled. We take responsibility for our own happiness.

By letting go of our beliefs, expectations, our need to control the outcomes of life, we find happiness. We find our direction in life. And when we live in happiness, we attract happiness. It’s the law of attraction!When we start to live our lives guided by what we love, everything else falls into place.

Learn to live your life to inspire yourself and your loved ones, and encourage those people watching in the background to do the same for themselves. Inspiration and happiness are deliciously contagious, so smile at the world each day, make an intention each morning as you wake up, and then put it out there to the universe. See what happens.

Love and be loved!

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