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5 Things Your Yoga Studio Really Wants from You

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Yoga studios are businesses, but they look to connect with much more than just your wallet. Anyone who has thought about starting a yoga studio knows the deep-rooted values that go along with that decision. Nobody goes into the business purely for money (but let’s not make the mistake that they should not charge for their wonderful services!). So what does your yoga studio really want from you?

1. Community

Image credit: Sanàa Jaman

Every yoga studio runs a little community, and a community doesn’t happen without its lovely members. In fact, involvement sprouts a feeling of community, which can grow to become much more than just a bunch of yogis coming together every Tuesday at 6pm. Get involved in the yoga community, help raise awareness for some good causes and see what you can do together with your studio.

Don’t forget, every class is full of like-minded yogis who most likely share similar values, so combining forces can bring some wonderful changes into the world (not to mention some new friends).

2. Involvement

Your studio wants you to get connected and get involved. Starting up a yoga studio takes love, sweat, and tears, and a studio usually closely reflects the founder’s personal values. If these values resonate with you, and if you feel good vibes in the yoga studio, great, let it shine! Show your love towards your studio by coming on time, playing by the rules, and respecting the teachers and the facilities offered.

And if something is not working out for you, or you have an improvement suggestion, please don’t hesitate to share it. Studios want you to feel as comfortable as possible, and they will be happy to hear how they can improve.

3. Respect

Image credit: Sanàa Jaman

This may go without saying, but since involvement and community are key, so is being respectful towards your fellow yogis and yoga teachers at the studio: allowing space for others to open and relax, respecting the bodies and privacy of others, and helping to provide a supportive environment that promotes lifelong learning. A big part of the good vibes that hang around any studio are its yogis.

Be an awesome example of a yogi others love to practice next to; supportive, friendly, open and there to improve oneself, not to compete with others.

4. Spread the Word

Like any other business, running a yoga studio is a numbers game. A certain number of regular students are needed to employ a number of yoga teachers and to sustain a studio. Nobody goes into the business of yoga purely for money (well, very few), but without money there is no studio. This is a struggle every studio faces.

So if you like your studio or you love a certain yoga class, why not boast about it and tell your friends! Your studio will really appreciate you spreading the good word. There is nothing more powerful than word of mouth.

5. Have a Laugh

Image credit: Drinie Aguilar

When I was living in the Philippines, the locals would sometimes shy away from the classes because they feared they would not be able to be serious enough. But yoga doesn’t have to be such a serious business! The best classes are the ones where we come together to enjoy movement, to enjoy each other, and to learn something in an open, light environment. So check your serious mode at the door and have a giggle with your fellow yogis. Life is better when we smile!

The truth is, you are a VIP for your yoga studio. Your involvement and passion towards the practice of yoga is what keeps studios running. Community is built together, so next time linger longer, smile more, talk your studio up to other yogis, and offer your ideas. Your studio will love it!

Image credit: Kate Swarm

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