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5 Tantric Ways to Find Joy in Your Sex Life

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Tantra Yoga is NOT only about sex. Rather, the Tantrika desires achieving a blissful state of consciousness referred to as ANANDA that may begin with feelings of arousal and sexual excitement but does not end with it.

Tantric techniques and practices harness the powers of sexual energy, known as KUNDALINI, to create longer lasting loving relationships, not just with sexual partners, but with everyone that we interact with in our lives.

The act of recognizing and honoring that ALL life contains within it a passionate spark of divinity invites spiritual awareness into the most mundane situations. In this way, stronger emotional bonds form, leading to deeper and more fulfilling intimacy in all relationships and especially with our lovers.

1. Pleasure Yourself: Tantric Yoga Practice

To fully love another, you must first practice self-awareness and dedicate yourself to the tantric path. Your practice will teach you how to discern your own desires from those of your partner. The tantrika will never sacrifice the self in order to please another.

The flowing dance of love and partnership requires a willingness to compromise without overstepping boundaries and the ability to create the sacred space to truly enjoy your own Pranayama before you can authentically share the air.

Only when you dare to explore your deepest needs will you begin to find fulfillment.

2. Come Together: Synchronized Breathing to Create A Mystical Union

Intimate connection begins with a longing to want to know and be known by your partner. Breathing in harmony sets the romantic ambiance for intimacy to occur. Similar to most asana practices, we start with the breath, and truly vibing with your partner begins by breathing together.

Here's how to get in sync:

  • Begin lying down on your sides facing one another.
  • Gently make contact by holding hands or intertwining your legs.
  • Do not avoid eye contact.
  • Tune in first to your own breath, feeling into your rhythm.
  • Once you feel your vibe shift your focus to your partner's breath.
  • As you pay attention to one another's natural rhythm you will create a resonance and breathe in unison.
  • No need to rush—enjoy each other's music.

3. Flow as One: Hand-Holding Seated Twist

Couples yoga encourages each practitioner to ask for what they need during asana, which improves listening skills and strengthens empathic bonds. The process of gently guiding one another towards what feels good translates beautifully into the bedroom as well!

Try this sexy twist to get flowing:

  • Face one another in a comfy seated position.
  • Breathe together, maintaining eye contact.
  • Exhale, then both of you turn to the right.
  • Reach your right hand behind your back and feel for your partner's left hand.
  • Extend your left arm in front of your chest, feeling for your partner's right hand.
  • Holding hands and pulling can help you ease one another deeper into the twist.
  • Take your time hold the pose for 10 slow synchronized breaths.
  • Return to face one another and repeat to the left side.

4. Touching as Medicine

Do you crave cuddling? Are you hungry for hugs? If you answer yes, there is likely a biological link to those desires. From baby all the way to grandma and grandpa, we all need touch for emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing.

Lack of human connection through touch contributes to illnesses and disease, indicating that we are hardwired to want to snuggle up next to those we love.

Isolation from skin-to-skin contact can contribute to increased levels of stress hormones in the body making sleep difficult which may lead to a long list of other complications.

Tantra yoga values not just sex for the sake of the orgasmic release, but the whole process, beginning from the first glance, to the slightest touch, all the way to highest peak of pleasure. We all need to give AND receive love to radiate health and ananda!

5. Sacred Savasana

Once a state of pleasure is achieved, the desire to maintain closeness will continue throughout the night.

Practice basking in the afterglow of your union. Staying connected during the night through touch, even in small ways, will prolong feelings of contentment, promote deeper and more restful sleep and guarantee that you will wake up happier.

Savasana allows you to experience being absorbed in the calm serenity of peace and as you drift off into slumber invite the opportunity to share a few minutes of Savasana staying absorbed in one another.

Yoga teaches practitioners to observe the divine light within the self as well as others.~Judy Rukat

Tantrikas strive to appreciate every delicious moment of life taking pleasure in the joys of simple existence. Tantra yoga specifically teaches lovers to worship one another as absolute embodiments of the god and goddess forms, making each and every point of contact a sacred and divine experience.

May you savor all the love this moment has to offer you!

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