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5 Simple Mindful Activities You Can Do Everyday

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Mindfulness is a buzzword right now in the yoga and meditation world. And rightly so.

Practicing mindfulness is part of practicing a yogic lifestyle. Some describe mindfulness as “a state of active, open attention on the present.” Mindfulness gets credited for being a practice that “supports many attitudes that contribute to a satisfied life.”

For me, mindfulness doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you are sitting with your eyes closed and in meditation, although it could. Activities can be mindful. Here is a list of things to incorporate in your days to get you on your path to being more mindful.

1. Work on a Puzzle

I mean an old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle. Find one that has 500 or 1000 pieces with an image that speaks to you.

Learn to manage frustrations that arise when that last edge piece is somewhere in the box amongst the other 900 pieces, and you’ve already sifted through them once already. Concentration on finding just the right piece, time and time again, takes away other distractions.

2. Color or Draw

Sometimes I do this while the TV is on in the background and I find myself completely unfocussed on the TV and focused on my creativity.

Buy a coloring book of mandalas that has images you enjoy, like nature or animals.

3. Garden or Mow Your Lawn

To some, this may sound like a chore, especially the mowing part. Don’t get me wrong, there are hot summer days when mowing the lawn is the last thing I want to do, but inevitably, I am happy that I do this task myself.

Or, unplug the headphones and the tunes and enjoy your own thoughts as you prune the rows of grass. Feel the breeze and sun, concentrate on breathing in the fresh air.

4. Walk in Your Neighborhood

Perhaps you have a project coming up and you want to get ideas for what color to paint your front door. Taking note of each house’s design is simple, mindful, and satisfies a goal. Or complete a meditation where you notice all the sounds of nature and your environment, even man-made, as you walk.

Not only is a light walk a form of exercise, but it also connects you to your personal community.

5. Bake Something

Enjoy the focus it takes to put together the ingredients correctly. Grab a friend or family member to help and enjoy old-fashioned quality time together. Lose yourself in your thoughts while you wait for the delectables to bake.

What are your favorite mindful activities that you do throughout the day?

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