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5 Signs Your Yoga Practice Is Blooming

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Each spring, I look at the flower buds and am always in awe of nature’s ability to grow at such a slow pace, then suddenly bloom into complete perfection.

I see the tenacity of Mother Nature when a flower or two surface in spots that I would have considered uninhabitable; merging from cracks in the pavement, or finding their way to bloom in the sunlight through the mounds of dead winter grasses.

Somehow, I think we can learn a thing or two from these flowers.

Just like you can’t really watch the grass grow – it’s hard to see how a yoga practice grows and blooms everyday as well. I think back to the first few times I tried a headstand – I either fell flat on my head, or found it impossible to lift the other leg to the wall. It was frustrating. Until one day, it just happened. Effortlessly.

I look at the effortless headstand I can do today – floating, rather than kicking. Exploring the pose for a minute or two, rather than noticing how sweaty my palms were.

Just like a bud ready to bloom, each attempt at a new yoga pose contains untapped, vibrant energy just waiting to change into something beautiful. But, like the bud, it also takes time to blossom into something beautiful. Showing up time after time on the yoga mat we might not always see the difference in our practice. But it happens, whether it’s as fast as a bloom or slow like the grass.

I believe it is the tenacity of our own practice that allows those subtle changes and growth to finally let us bloom into the pose when we find the “Ah Ha” moment that allows the feeling of effortlessness to open our mind and body into the pose.

Here are 5 subtle signs that your yoga practice is blooming:

  1. Despite obstructions in life, your practice continues.
  2. Instead of fear, you feel inspiration.
  3. Instead of impossible, you see the realm of possibility.
  4. Helplessness fades and is replaced with a feeling of support.
  5. The once unimaginable is now accomplished with effortless ease.

There is a lot we can learn from flowers. We are all budding with potential at every moment. We can see how much we’ve grown by realizing how we started.

If we just notice the changes, we can understand the benefits that our ongoing practice has given to us – both on and off the mat.

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