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5 Reasons Why Yoga is Better Than Sex

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Before you read any further, let me save you time and say..NO, you won't find hard facts and biochemical theories here to explain why yoga is more beneficial than sex. Let's face it — most of you will probably even call BS on this article (if you haven't already) just upon seeing the words "yoga is better than sex." But let's simmer down for a second and take an out-of-the-box approach to exploring how and why a yoga experience can very well be better than sex. Here are some reasons why "O" for Om can be better than the other "O."

1. You Can Easily Do It in Public

I say "easily" because we all know there ARE some people who don't have much qualms doing it wherever the mood strikes. Sure, in some places, people might call you a hippie if you suddenly break out in Sanskrit chants and do your Tadasanas. But that's even assuming being called hippie is offensive, and I don't know about you…but I would take 'hippie' over 'pervert screwing in public' any damn day.

2. Yoga Sessions Last Longer

Let's be honest here — how many men (and women!) do you know who can promise at least 60 full minutes of sweaty, satisfying fun? Not a lot, am I right? We know this, and so does every editor of every glossy women's magazine out there. In fact, if people didn't have problems (with longevity, among other things) in bed, more than half the pages of every Cosmo would probably just be running ads…oh wait, they actually are! But you get the idea.

3. Every Session is Always About YOU

Yep, that's right. No need to worry about whether your partner is in the mood, finding out what "works" for them, or any of that shiz. With yoga, the only positions you have to get into are those that physically and mentally work for YOU (and your glutes, core, arms, thighs…the list goes on). I'm not even gonna go into Downward Dog sexual references. *coughs*

Seriously though, yoga is one of the few activities that actually encourage selfishness — in terms of focusing on your mind and body, tapping into your inner core, and simply making yourself better in all aspects.

4. There is No Morning/Day After Regret

You know that post-yoga-session feeling after being physically inactive for a while or after you just tried Ashtanga or Power Yoga for the first time? That "pain" you feel after a kickass yoga session is possibly the only regret you'll have, and if you ask me, you can't even consider it a regret. Why? Because it's a good kind of pain! It's a pain that lets you know muscles are working and warming up, and you're on your way to being healthy again.

*Note: Not to be confused with excruciating pain and discomfort as a result of not doing yoga properly. 

5. You Can't Do the Corpse Pose During Sex

Okay, fine. Technically, you can. But in yoga, you can do the Savasana and no one will judge you for it. It's even part of most asana sequences performed in different yoga styles. So it's somehow expected that at one point you will just lie there, close your eyes and breathe steadily. You try doing this in the middle of sex, and you'll be called 'selfish' — or worse, a lazy f*ck.

There are other reasons I could think of (e.g.: "yoga burns more calories" or "you can go down on a yoga mat and just roll it up when you're done" or "you're not a jerk if you hit it and quit it"), but I'll just stick to the 5 reasons above. I'm not preaching celibacy — all I'm saying is that yoga is totally better than sex sometimes!

I'm sure I've forgotten some pretty good ones that deserve a spot on this list.

What's YOUR take on sex vs. yoga?

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