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5 Reasons Why Practicing Yoga At Home Is Awesome

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When I left the city and moved 60 miles south to take my first job, I didn’t know what I was in for. I didn’t know what I was in for with a number of things – especially how my yoga practice would change.

After trying the less than a handful of yoga studios in town with nothing clicking, I signed up for online yoga courses. I discovered that an at-home yoga practice is great for these 5 reasons:

1. You Get To Laugh. Loud (If You Want).

Whether you have a friend, boyfriend, or a girlfriend, do your at home practice with them! When one of you falls from a pose, or shakes uncontrollably, or you have a mutual “did she just say that?” moment during a yoga instruction, you may very easily find yourself belly up laughing.

2. You Begin To Think About What Yoga Really Means For You.

Without the distraction of driving to class, debating over what to wear, and interacting with students or the teacher, you’re left with a practice that doesn’t have all of the “I’m making this an event”qualities. It’s just you and your mat, which for me reminded me of why I practice yoga.

Although I like the class atmosphere, at the end of the day, it’s less important than the practice itself.

3. You Get To Snack Immediately Before (And Easily After) Your Practice.

This is no joke. I’m usually eating a handful of dried mangos or nuts right before my practice to make sure I have enough fuel for a great practice. This isn’t difficult when you’re practicing in your kitchen (although I could live without the hum of the refrigerator).

4. Pee Breaks Are Straightforward.

This is quite possibly the biggest benefit yet. Without having to tiptoe around 30 other yogis with clearly superior bladder control, you find yourself no longer whisperingrushed “sorrys” as you step on yogi toes or ponytails while making a beeline for the bathroom.

5. You Save Money.

I’m not trying to dissuade you from practicing in studios because they are great. But lets be real–yoga can be expensive. If you are on a tight budget, either for a short amount of time or for a while, at-home yoga can be a great way to keep your practice up but not break your bank.

Why do YOU love practicing yoga at home?

by Katie Beeler – Katie is a yogi, freelance writer, and attorney who likes sharing her thoughts and ramblings on yoga, health, and wellness.

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