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5 Reasons Why Aerial Yoga is Worth Checking Out

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Aerial yoga is becoming increasingly popular — and for good reason! This unique blend of acrobatic movements and yoga asanas is great for body and soul. If you haven't tried it yet, consider some really good reasons to book your intro class.

1. It's Fun

No doubt about it, aerial makes you feel like a carefree kid! Remember swinging on the playground until you got that sinking feeling in your stomach, watching your feet go over your head? It's kinda like that.

The suspension created by the aerial hammock makes you feel as light as a feather. The yogis say to "be child-like, not child-ish." Well, this class definitely helps with that one.

2. It Builds Core and Upper Body Strength

Unless you are going to a relaxation class, Aerial yoga requires a lot of upper body and core strength to be done correctly. And the slight resistance the aerial hammocks provide is so good at targeting those hard to reach stabilizing muscle groups.

It's one thing to lift up into Boat Pose (Navasana) on your yoga mat, but the exercise changes dramatically when you are in a hammock. The same goes for many other asanas, too — Chaturanga with the feet suspended off the floor, Warrior II with your leg supported, and Dancer to name a few.

3. It Takes You to Your Edge

If you think you feel comfortable in your favorite yoga asana, imagine that little burst of added effort to make it a little bit more interesting. That's what Aerial yoga does. It takes you out of your comfort zone and into the air or an inverted space.

The first time I went into Upside Down Baddha Konasana I felt a rush of excitement. I admit, it wasn't totally comfortable at first. But the more I anticipated the pose and could move into it more freely, the longer I could stay there and find steadiness.

It takes practice, but stepping over the edge is worth it.

4. It Really Helps with Stress and Back Tension

As long as the asanas are done safely and correctly, the spinal decompression from Aerial inversion suspension asanas feels really good. It's like the spine has room to expand and breathe. Inversions on the floor can be a little more challenging.

Although the silks still require you to have upper body strength and balance, they are helping to support you in Headstand, Handstand, Downward Dog, Dolphin, etc. So the pressure felt on the spine is much less, and the result is more fluidity of movement, flexibility, and decompression of the spine.

5. Savasana is Awesome

The best part of class — Savasana. There is something about being engulfed in the silk like a cocoon, completely surrounded by the fabric and muted lights after a great asana practice that is unique and blissful.

You feel safe and happy. The experience is truly incredible, and I invite you to see for yourself.

Have you tried Aerial yoga? What was your experience? Share with us below!

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