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5 Reasons to Stay Calm This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is one of the busiest — and most stressful. However, yoga's here to help us out! Yoga definitely helps us to stay calm and relax during the busiest times, so don't put your practice on the back burner.

Here you'll find five reasons to stay calm and keep practicing this holiday season.

1. Your Family Will Thank You

Ever feel like the season has gotten the better of you and it is running you? Let that feeling of joy and wholeness infuse into your being this season by cutting out what you don’t need and focusing on a few things — mostly people — that are most important in your life.

Whether they mention it or not, your mood affects theirs and they will notice your more relaxed state.

2. Keep Your Digestion on Track

You will be eating differently during the merry-ing season, so it is nice to offset chocolate covered coconut candies by adding in some digestion helping twists and overall movement.

Adding in other movement, even a quick walk after dinner, can rev up the system enough to keep you alert and glowing. Keep your body in balance with movement that enhances well-being and a feeling of lightness that seeps into the heart.

3. Stay in the Moment

We’ve turned this season into a flurry of buying, wrapping, and running from one event to the next. Keeping your yoga practice will slow you down and keep you in tune with what you know to be important.

The practice is about stopping and thinking about exactly what we are doing, and where we are in space in any given moment. Slowing down allows us to examine ourselves in the moment, but also examine those things that make us grateful and bring us joy.

4. You’ll Sleep More Soundly

Think changing your diet, staying up at all hours, and running around like a lunatic will help you keep regular snooze hours?

We all know that sleep suffers during this season. Try a short, soft, sleep inducing practice to help you unwind right before bedtime. Sometimes a full-fledged practice just isn’t possible, but maintaining a short practice helps you hang in there through all the activity this season.

5. You Will Feel More Level

Keeping some form of routine in this happy season can help you feel more balanced and ready to take on the things that you need to do. Most important, keeping routine to some degree can help us appreciate those special moments that are out of our regular routine.

Balance gives us an inner starting point inside ourselves, which in turn allows us to be more engaged in what is around us. We need enough balance, focus and wellness so that we enjoy the fullness of the holidays.

What are your reasons for staying calm this holiday season? Do you have a favorite activity to keep you calm? Share with us below!

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