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5 Reasons To Join The 30-Day Yoga Challenge

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Just like you sometimes need a gentle reminder to eat your veggies and buckle your seat belt, I’m here to remind you to do something good for yourself and sign up for the 30-Day Yoga Challenge with me, Erin Motz, here on! It’s going to be awesome, and if you don’t believe me, at least give me the chance to convince you. Here’s why you should join us:

1. No Need To Leave The House

Yes, this means you can stay in your PJs, sans makeup, sans bra, sans brushing your teeth. You’re welcome. Increase flexibility. A little shout-out to all my Tin Ladies and Tin Gentlemen, this challenge is for you! We’ll work out the kinks in your hips, shoulders, neck, and back and have you ready for Cirque du Soleil in no time… well, more or less.

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2. Start Your Day Off With Something Good

We’ll send you free yoga to your inbox every day. Imagine how much of a positive difference it’d make if you started every day with 15 minutes of yoga, breath work, and meditation?

3. Yoga For Free

No strings, no surprise cost at the end, no need to enter your credit card info, no charge for anything at all. We won’t charge you for your water bottle or for renting a mat, either. How many places can you go that will offer that kind of deal?

4. Learn Something New

Not just about yoga but about your own body. Learn what it feels like to simply be aware of how it moves, what feels good (and not so good), and how to modify poses to make them your own.

5. Learn Something New Again

Truth: I think I have yoga teaching ADD. I get bored quickly, so I’m always changing what I teach, how I teach it, and looking for fun, new modifications on traditional poses. I promise that you’ll find yourself going, “I’ve never done that before!” at least a few times during the challenge.

Join me June 1st for DOYOU and start your month off on the right foot.

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