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5 Reasons To Do Yoga On A BIG Day

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The most important days of my life are the most important days for my yoga. I did yoga on my graduation day, wedding day, my son’s birthday, our moving day, and every other critical day for my family, career, and community. Why?

Here are 5 wonderful benefits of yogic practice that explain how yoga improves your day. Consider all 5 of them reasons to make yoga practice happen on the BIG day:

1.    Samskara is a precedent for the future.

If you bring yoga into this day, no matter how busy or important it is, you are setting yourself up to give yourself the gift of yoga when you need it most.

You are bumping up yoga from a possibility to a natural tendency for the future. You are making a samskara for turning your attention inward and shining it through the mind and into the heart on the days when these get taxed the most.

2.    Sukha is a quality that is light, easy and soft.

It is one of the main attributes of a yoga pose, and what brings us back to balance when we may face tension, stress and effort. Sukha allows us to keep our sense of humor and adaptability.

3.    Sthira is sukha’s counterpart.

It is a quality that is calm and steady. It keeps us from distraction, forgetfulness, losing our cool, and all imbalance.

In yoga we cultivate sukha /sthira in our bodies and minds. We bring them into our attitude and action. When we reconnect with these qualities on the yoga mat in the morning, they naturally continue into whatever we do for the rest of day.

4.    Soma is the blissful nectar we get a taste of when we practice.

It is the ambiance of a full moon in a clear sky. Yoga creates this ambience of bliss inside us. When we feel good, we do better.

5.    Samadhi is the height yoga.

It is a state of total absorption in the experience, so that we never get in the way of our Selves. In samadhi, one becomes a perfect flawless part of the natural flow of life. According to the yoga gurus, one has to practice consistently over a long period of time to reach samadhi.  That means on BIG days and not-so-BIG days.

Whatever awaits you in the day ahead, it will be better with yoga. When there is something extra special on the day's agenda, why not be your best.

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