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5 Reasons To Date A Yogi

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Finding a love match can sometimes feel like playing a card game without a full deck. You know a hand should come together, but it just won’t, no matter how you attempt to combine the cards. When looking for new love, the best strategy is to widen your net. Here are 5 reasons you might want to consider dating a yogi.

1. Everyone Is Doing It. Yoga That Is

Whether it’s the buff dude at home doing PX-90 or the blonde babe practicing yoga on the beach, people of all walks of life do yoga. In yoga we do not discriminate. And therefore this widens the pool of potential partners that perhaps you would have never considered before. From celebrity athletes to entrepreneurs to local farmers, everyone these days has at least tried yoga. Ask your neighbor, your doctor, your fireman, your child’s teacher, your great aunt, and I am sure they have all at least tried or wanted to try yoga. In yoga you never know who you might meet.

2. Hey Want To Check Out That Drumming Circle With The Pagan Fire Throwers?

Yogis are adventurous folk. Heck, they decided to go try a class that they knew very little about, but might have heard that people would be barefoot, sweating, and possibly chanting. Dating a yogi is never boring. They look for the new and head in that direction. So if you are into trying Kombucha on tap versus going out for the same ol’ chai ask a yogi out.

3. Have You Seen The Pants?

The invention of yoga pants single-handedly changed the perception that a woman is only sexy in heels. Most yogis go for comfort but don’t sacrifice style to get it. This makes for both men and women sporting (pun intended) some fashionable threads that show off their bodies. And like others, yogis have bodies in all shapes and sizes to choose from!

4. I’ll Take Some Change With That Constant

In a world where nothing is certain, it is nice to have someone on your side that is comfortable with change. Yogis love change and see most things that happen to them as opportunities for growth. A loss of job, for example, can be a devastating blow to a relationship, but with a yogi it can be the opportunity you have been waiting for to help you realize your dream of owning your own store. With a yogi you won’t get off the rollercoaster of life, but you will sure love the ride!

5. Mula Bhanda. “It’s A Good Thing.”

Lots of the techniques learned on the mat can translate to deeper intimacy. Learning to slow the breath down, to focusing eyes on one point (drishti), to holding poses that at times illicit all sorts of contradictory sensations, helps those practicing yoga unleash a deeper connection with oneself. Translate these (anyway your imagination desires) into the bedroom and suddenly where once only were sparklers are now fireworks!

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