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5 Real-Life Benefits of Taking Your 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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With the thousands of 200-Hour teacher trainees out there, you can absolutely set yourself apart by developing your skills further with a 300-Hour yoga teacher training.

Some of us take 300-Hour teacher training because we love yoga so much, or to further our studies in a specific yoga topic like therapeutic yoga.

Below are five benefits of taking your 300-Hour yoga teacher training to become a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-Hour level.

1. Improved and Varied Teaching Skills

I was a sponge during 200-Hour teacher training. Everything was new and I absorbed it all, including teaching techniques. I revered my teachers; I thought they were amazing (and they were), so I emulated them.

In 300-Hour training, I learned so many new teaching technique options. I observed different teachers and picked up tips and tricks from them. This absolutely benefits my students because each class is for them and for their own practice and development.

2. Beefed Up Anatomy Knowledge

I am a scientist by my degrees, so I love learning the anatomy of poses. No matter how fantastic your 200-Hour training was and how much anatomy you studied, your 300-Hour training will solidify a lot of the anatomy facts you know.

As you take your 300-Hour training, you also have a lot of teaching experience under your belt. Having experiential knowledge or questions to ask your anatomy teacher makes you want to know the answers to better help your students.

3. Understanding More Yoga Modalities

Usually a 200-Hour teacher training is specific to one kind of yoga, like Vinyasa. In 300-Hour teacher training you may be exposed to more yoga modalities like Yin, Kids, or Kundalini.

You’re able to teach a more varied class load and suggest different class types to your friends and family when they ask about yoga.

4. You’re Living More Yogically

Perhaps you reached deep into the science of Ayurveda during your 300-Hour yoga teacher training and talked a lot about eating whole foods. Maybe you are inspired to meditate daily if you hadn’t developed a practice before.

What about studying the 8 Limbs of Yoga in depth? Were you inspired to live the yamas and niyamas in daily life?

5. Managing or Owning a Studio with the Yoga Background to Back it Up

If you are in charge of direct reports, mentoring other yoga teachers and being the face of a studio or space offering yoga, then having your RYT500 sets you apart. (Of course, there are many RYT200 and ERYT200 instructors who do these jobs well, too).

Some 300 hour programs even offer a Business of Yoga part of their syllabus and teachings.

What do you feel like you gained from becoming a RYT 500? Or, are you a 200-Hour trained teacher who is thinking about taking your 300-Hour training soon? What are you looking forward to the most? Share with us below!

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