Yoga Is For Everybody? Not Quite...

This 2-minute quiz shows you if yoga is for you. Or what you should do instead.

5 Of Yoga’s Little White Lies

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Are you sitting down? I have some good news if you don’t fit the typical yogi stereotype. You’ll be able to breathe a big sigh of relief after this. Straight from the Bad Yogi, here are a few of yoga’s worst little white lies.

"Yoga Is Not For Fitness"

False. Sort of. Maybe the “point” of yoga is a little more internal, but there’s nothing wrong with taking power classes to help tone up or strengthen your shoulders. Maybe “regular” yoga people don’t want tighter butts? I guess the last thing yogis need is to tighten their asses more than they already are.

"Meat-Free Is The Way To Be!"

I’m not making the argument that being a vegan or vegetarian is “wrong” at all, but I do want to give a shout-out to my omnivores out there! Meat and dairy has it’s health benefits too, but keep in mind that from the karmic perspective, it’s best to go local, organic, and humanely raised.

"Yoga Is Good For Everyone"

Just as any healthy activity can also be harmful, so can yoga. It is possible to practice poses improperly and injure yourself, just like it’s possible to do the same running, dancing, or lifting weights. If you’re a yoga newbie or you’re coming back after nursing an injury, take it way easy.

"Yoga Isn’t About The Poses"

False! I’ll just speak from experience on this one: yoga has become an internal journey because of my desire for the external one at the beginning. Bottom line is, don’t feel bad if you come in to yoga wanting to conquer the fancy stuff. The rest will come in time.

You Must Let Go Of The Ego"

False. Well, sort of. Read my take on that right here.

Be free, yogis!

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