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5 Mindful Morning Rituals To Jumpstart Your Day

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I used to be a huge ‘hit-the-snooze-button’ fan. Every morning I was calculating exactly how many minutes there were left before I really had to get ready for work.

I hurried, had breakfast on the go or none at all. Finally behind my desk at 8.30am, I remember feeling rushed, cranky with no energy whatsoever to start the day in a positive way.

Now I do things differently. I get myself out of bed earlier, do some yoga and at the same time fitting in a bit of everyday life mindfulness.

1) Wake Up Early

Rise with the sun. Those few minutes around sunrise are magical! There is an incredible softness to it. Everyone is still asleep and you’ll get to enjoy a quietness that only exists in the early hours.

Put your alarm clock out of reach, so you actually have get out to turn it off. Put on some comfortable clothes, splash your face with cold water. Don’t forget to smile at yourself in the mirror.

2) Hydrate Your Body

While you were dreaming, your body’s been working and recovering from whatever you did or ate the day before. That’s why you are a bit dehydrated in the mornings. Treat your body with a big glass of lukewarm water. You could add some freshly squeezed lemon juice for an extra detox boost.

3) Do Some Yoga

Start with a few standing full body stretches. Continue with gentle neck and shoulder rolls. Do a few sun salutations. Take it easy and respect your morning stiffness. Sit in silent meditation for a couple of minutes, just breathing. Conclude in Savasana.

This whole sequence doesn’t have to take long. Fifteen minutes should do it.

4) Have A Tea

After showering have a good breakfast (my favorite: almond milk oatmeal with a banana, some walnuts and chia seeds covering) and make your favorite herbal tea to accompany. Prepare it mindfully. Watch the water boil, slip in a tea bag, take a first sip.

5) Set Your Intention

There’s probably some responsibilities waiting for you. What is it you’d like to practice today? What is it you’d like to contribute? Set an intention. It could be anything. From ‘sincerely complementing a co-working on his outfit’, ‘being more patient with my children’, ‘smiling to strangers in the streets’ to ‘attentively listen to the stories shared today by my lover, friends’.

Be creative. Your first thought is often the best one to turn into an intention.

Don’t be overwhelmed now. Pick one or two or simply create your own rituals. It’s not that your morning routine should become a new to-do on your list. Nor should it be a struggle. Think of it as a nice, quiet start, preparing yourself for whatever surprises life brings you every day.

Leave a comment below. Tell me about your own morning rituals or share what you would like to be your new habit as of tomorrow. I would love to hear from you!

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