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5 Keys To Manifesting Your Dreams

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We all have the power to transform our dreams into reality. It takes more than positive thinking, however, to manifest. We need to cultivate a balance of being grounded and tuning in to our intuition to realize our visions.

Here are my five tips to help you manifest your dreams:

1. Be Specific With Your Intentions

Anodea Judith puts it best in her classic book on the chakras, The Wheels of Life: “To manifest, we must limit. This requires creating boundaries, being specific, defining structure and form.” Those who have the sky as the limit, with heads in the clouds, are most likely full of ideas but too un-grounded to realize their dreams. When this happens, dreams will remain just that — dreams.

Instead, accept your limits and make them your starting point, your boundary. Put a specific number, a time frame (another boundary), and start working toward your dreams one step at a time, no matter how small.

2. Listen Within For Clarity

The universe hears your intentions, but when you’re unclear about what you want, you’ll get an equally unclear answer, or worse, something you don’t actually want. Only you know what’s best for you, and your spirit guides can help you get there – you just have get into a deep quiet to listen to their messages. Putting down what you want in writing also helps clarify your visions. The more detailed, the better.

3. Gratitude Opens Doors

Gratitude is a powerful positive energy – it shifts our focus into abundance and joy instead of lack, and in turn more abundance and joy come into our life. Having a roof over our head, a healthy body, good friends, and food to eat is something to always be thankful for. To cultivate gratitude, you must be aware.

A simple awareness exercise is to take a walk in the park. Pay attention to the five senses: the air you’re breathing, the scents of nature, the sound of the wind and the leaves rustling. Take a look at a single flower, feel its texture, embrace the complexity of its beauty.

4. Celebrate Where You Came From

Respect your heritage, including your ancestry, your childhood, and your past. They are what make you unique. There were those who paved the ways to help you become the person you’re still becoming. In Feng Shui traditions, for example, Taoist practitioners believe that the location and condition of our ancestral graves can positively or negatively affect future generations of descendants.

Our ancestors are our strongest supporters in the spiritual world. Get silent to listen to their guidance. Light a candle in their honor, say a prayer, and thank them – you have their DNA, and they’ll always have your back.

5. Leave Space For The Unknown To Enter

The unknown, otherwise known as luck, serendipity, synchronicity, or coincidence, can’t come in unless you make space for it. If you’re one of those people who tend to fill up your calendar with activities and appointments way ahead, try leaving some free time and see what opens up. If you must pencil in something, schedule some “self-care” time – you are precious and deserve your own “catching up with yourself” time.

Opening your mind to the unknown will bring you what you need, whether it’s joy, magic, inspiration, bliss, or simple quiet.

Start working toward manifesting your dreams one by one by practicing these five things, and remember to always keep your feet on the ground so you can reach high without falling off!

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