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5 Daily Rituals to Live Like a Goddess

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Sometimes life can feel like a whirlwind and we find ourselves becoming easily overwhelmed, unbalanced, and feeling like it’s all getting a bit out of control.

Try these daily rituals to help you to live like a Goddess, and keep you in touch with your Shakti energy and inner super powers.

1. Check in with how you are feeling – HONESTLY!

As women, we are made to feel, intuit, empathise and know. Over time, however, we’ve been taught that certain emotions are ‘negative’ and so sadly, we have learned to shut them off and ignore them, and not allow them (and ourselves) to be heard and expressed.

The truth is that there are no negative emotions at all and each one of them is teaching us something that’s completely useful and relevant to us in that moment.

Get back in touch with that deep Shakti power to FEEL and to KNOW. At the start of each day (and several times through the day if you can), stop, pause and ask yourself “how am I feeling RIGHT NOW?”

Notice if you immediately judge the emotion and then just be with whatever it is that you are feeling. Some days it’s joyous, happy, loved, and on other days, it’s sad, frustrated, and maybe even angry.

Know that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes, and just honour that place within you that is feeling this emotion.

The more you tune in to yourself with present moment awareness, no matter what that awareness shows up for you, the more you’ll begin to be able to accept and heal the emotions rather than letting them take over and express in some other way (as they will).

Through this you’ll also get to know yourself and your needs a lot better – this is about honouring YOU and knowing you are perfect however you are.

2. Take a few moments of silence – for YOU.

Once you’ve checked in, take a few moments of silence, just for you. Make it a time that you don’t have to worry about anyone or anything else and instead focus on setting the intention for your day ahead.

If you have a meditation practice, now would be the ideal time, otherwise for just a few simple minutes come back to your breath, yourself and simply BE. How can you possibly be everything to everybody if you are running on empty? This is your time to fuel up and check in with yourself, giving yourself the gift of a few moments of time out to focus simply on you.

This will open up a whole world of intuitive insights and inner power that comes from being completely in tune with your magical Shakti self.

3. Draw a card.

I LOVE working with cards, Doreen Virtues Goddess Guidance are my favourite for working with the Shakti energy. Drawing a card each morning gives me a focus point for my day and I always find that the cards are completely relevant and often a timely reminder.

This morning for example, I picked “Sorceress – you are a magical person who can manifest your clear intentions into reality.” This started my day in the most magical way and reminded me of my power to manifest whatever I put my intention into. This helped me to be very clear today on my intentions and what I was putting out there into the Universe.

Some days it’s as simple as Step Outside, which leads me to my next point…

4. Be in nature.

Everything in the world moves in cycles, and as women, we are completely tuned into this with a monthly cycle of our own. Be in nature as often as you can — she is a great healer.

If you can be barefoot for even a few moments a day on the smallest piece of grass, you will notice a huge difference in your energy levels and connection to the deep wisdom of the earth’s energy.

You can also find great inspiration from nature, the way she lets go with no fear of what is coming next, the way she deeply roots in her own truth yet allows herself to be gently swayed by the passing breeze, the way she just knows and trusts that every need will be fulfilled. Allow nature to whisper her secrets to you as often as you can.

5. Find an anchor.

Find something that you can come to in times of both need and happiness. This anchor will hold you in place when everything feels like it’s spinning out of control.

It could be crystals (I have a crystal for every occasion and often have one or two in my bra!) or journaling to express and let out your emotions and inner feelings. Morning pages is an example of what can be an amazing daily anchor point. Each morning set aside a few moments to write whatever it is that comes to you in the moment.

Don’t censor or judge it, just go with your flow. Mantras and mudras are also incredible for holding you together and bringing you into the present moment. Try a few and see what really works for you to help keep you grounded and anchored.

I’d love to hear from you how these examples above work for you! Are there any other ways you live like a Goddess daily?

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