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4 Yoga Poses for Men With Tight Hips

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Our culture, lifestyle, habits, and hobbies create a body that’s much different from what our ancestors had in ancient times. That’s why these 4 yoga poses for men are crucial for the contemporary dude—or dudette—with tight hips, to be on their way to a new, strong, and more open body.

1. One-Legged Chair Pose

Credit: Raghunath Credit: Raghunath

One-Legged Chair is extremely powerful for both subtle strength-building and unlocking the hips.

If you’re tight there, don’t bend so deep. If you can stand to go deeper in the bend, however, hold steady and breathe. If you want, you can bend ‘til your butt is in line with your knee while your arms reach forward parallel to the earth, straight across from your chest.

Still, easy does it here. Bend that standing leg ‘til you find your edge. Hang out and breathe. Not only will your tightness release after only a few repetitions of this pose, that standing leg also becomes incredibly strong as your balance improves.

Not good at balancing yet? Stand next to a wall and tap it occasionally with your hand for steadiness.

2.Crescent Lunge Pose With Hand Claps Pose

Credit: Raghunath Credit: Raghunath

This pose is especially powerful as you not only unlock the hips but also strengthen the entire body as you move your hands up and down repeatedly—alternating between allowing the fingertips to frame the front foot and making the palms touch in the sky directly over our head.

Repeat this motion 3 to 10 times before you switch sides.

3. Squat Pose

Credit: Raghunath Credit: Raghunath

This seems simple enough, but it’s not. Between knees and hips, this one kills most of my students. Just merely squatting here (raise your heels on a towel if it’s too much too make them touch the earth) is powerful for opening the hips and releasing tightness in back.

It even helps if you’re constipated (I’m DEAD serious. It stimulates downward-flowing prana!) Keep your hands in “namaste” over your heart here with your elbows pressing into the inner portions of your thighs, OR reach your hands to the sky as your tailbone descends.

Want to make it tougher? Go up to standing with your hands and then back to your squat pose 3 to 20 times, using your inhale to lift you up and your exhale to bring you back down.

4. Kiss Your Toe Pose

Credit: Raghunath Credit: Raghunath

Okay maybe don’t kiss it, but lie on your back and cradle your shin. Some of you could kiss your big toe or bring it to your nose, some could bring that leg right behind the head! If you can’t, don’t worry—you may do so soon enough.

This pose is therapeutic for the knees and hips and laying on your back makes it stress free. Just find your edge and KEEP IT STEADY while you breathe.

Well how did you find these hip opening yoga poses so far? Tell us how the yoga’s been going for you here at DOYOU!

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