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4 Ways Yoga Lets You Power Down and Relax

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We are so wound up. We crank ourselves up with caffeine in the morning, and some us throughout the day. We run our kids from track to ballet to piano. We work and maintain houses and lives, taking mental notes as we go, so that we can find the heymomwhereismy object when the moment arises.

That’s why we need a power down that brings us peace, clarity and five minutes to ourselves. Yoga is that and some more, and here are 5 reasons why:

1. It allows you to breathe.

You focus on breath and movement, and pretty soon…ta-da — Everything else takes a temporary backdrop. In order to engage with an activity, you need time away. The brain needs to chew on things a bit in order to come at them in new and creative angles. The breathing allows you to just be.

2. Being allows you to tune in.

Check in with your body and mind and find out what they might need. Ever notice that you sometimes don’t realize how tight a muscle is or how tired you are until you check in? Tuning in can set you on a new path of taking care of yourself.

3. Being allows you to check out.

There’s really nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned check out. That is: real relaxation with nothing to do.

This has become taboo, as our culture subtly, and sometimes not-so-subtly, suggests that we need to be productive all the time. Take time to clear out all the thoughts from the mind, good, bad or indifferent for a cognitive cleanout.

Suspension of the day-to-day lets you just exist and new directions and new ideas start here.

4. Checking out allows you to come back in whole.

Checking out from time to time for several minutes a day serves you and others because it allows time for rejuvenation. Rejuvenation lets you come back to life, noticing those around you and serving them in the best way you can.

You are focused, fresh, and alive. Power down and enjoy.

How do YOU "power down" when things get chaotic?

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