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4 Ways Meditation Can Boost Your Sexual Confidence

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There is no doubt about it—meditation is sexy. If you’re looking for a compelling reason to begin a meditation practice (or deepen the one you already have), how about this? As humans, we are sexual creatures, and with all the modern day libido hijackers out there (stress, cortisol, unhealthy foods, self-confidence issues, etc.) we can all use a little boost in the bedroom.

Here are 4 ways that meditation helps us do just that.

1. Meditation Supports Your Libido

It’s true! Meditation actually increases your desire for sex. If things have gotten lackluster in the bedroom, for whatever reason, start (or deepen) your meditation practice.

It moves you away from your to-do list and into a state of presence and play. We feel lighter, happier, and open to whatever comes. We can surrender to our lover and let things flow naturally, without trying to control them.

The more we meditate, the less we hold onto past resentments or traumas, because we aren’t in our heads trying to figure out how to protect ourselves from the next potential upset. We become deeply self-aware and confident in our bodies and our sexual desire. What a beautiful thing!

2. Meditation Fosters Trust in Yourself

None of us feel sexy when our confidence has all but disappeared. All that negative self-talk and self-doubt—it’s horrible for our pleasure centers. We begin to believe we don’t deserve love, and sometimes we even sabotage it because we simply feel we’re not good enough. But the truth is this:

We are all divine creatures, worthy of deep, fulfilling love. A meditation practice helps us to realize that.~Aimee Hughes

It fosters self-trust and an inner knowing that we are capable of loving deeply and being loved in return. Meditation drops us into our “higher selves,” our “soul bodies”—the place of deep wisdom, compassion and love. What could be sexier than that?

3. Meditation Keeps Us Young

Stress ages us faster than anything else, and meditation helps get us out of the stressed out reptilian “fight or flight” part of our brains that keeps us in a constant state of wanting to flee, and growing rapidly older in the process.

When we meditate, we light up the right part of our brains—the part that helps us to relax and live in a more peaceful state of ease, calm, and connection. Studies are continuing to show us that meditation literally adds years to our lives. Not only does it help us appear younger on the outside, it keeps us young on the inside, too.

4. Meditation Reduces Cortisol

Men and women who have a constant stream of cortisol (the stress hormone and also a libido hijacker) running through their bodies have a very difficult time having orgasms during sex.

Erectile dysfunction is directly linked to stress and if a woman has too much cortisol running through her body, orgasm will become highly unlikely. It’s no wonder cultures the world over have relaxing and romantic rituals that help get us “in the mood.” We sip on champagne, play soft music, light candles, and slip into a more sensual state of being.

We simply do not feel sexy when we are stressed out. The more we meditate, the more pleasure and relaxation we feel even when the oysters and French champagne aren’t flowing!

How has meditation helped YOU gain confidence and comfort in your sexuality? Share in the comments below!

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