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4 Things No One Ever Tells You About Taking A Yoga Class

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So much information about yoga and so many articles out there that talk about every single aspect of your yoga practice. But did anyone ever tell you these four little secrets about taking a yoga class?

1) Your Body Will Make Strange Noises

Throughout the course of a yoga class your body will snap, pop, sigh and maybe even release some gas. This is totally normal! We each have physical habits that settle into our bones (and digestion). And, because yoga challenges and confronts these habits, energy moves during an asana class. Sometimes, this movement becomes orchestrated. Don't feel bad if your bones creak their way back into alignment. As long as you are not forcing poses, a little noise is fine. And, if you are still concerned, ask your teacher!

2) You Are Not The Only One Who Is Confused

This is what I call the "she said what?!". Sometimes, yoga is confusing as hell. Because we all learn differently, what makes sense to one person may sound like gibberish (or sanskrit :P) to you. This is totally normal. As a teacher, I've learned that I have to explain things with not just my body but with my words as well. And, sometimes people still get confused (it's not their fault!) Remember, you are not the only one who feels like they are playing a rigged game of twister! Feel free to look around if you need to. Ask a teacher after class about the specifics of a physically challenging pose. And, mantra– well, let's put it this way, mouthing helps! Don't let your confusion or comparison get in the way of your enjoyment. Laugh (at yourself), breathe, and feel better!

3) Your Teacher Is Human

Your yoga teacher has good days and bad. Your teacher (see #1) farts like the rest of us. This does not make your teacher unqualified– it makes them human! I read a wonderful article on compassion recently and what resonated the most with me was how the author argued that sometimes it's better to practice compassion instead of 'correct' asana. So true. We are in this together! Take your judgement cap off and open your heart to all your friends in the yoga room. Our unwarranted critiques serve no one. So, the next time you find yourself shocked when your teacher says "right" instead of "left" try smiling. You've been there too. Remember, the recognition of our own interconnectedness is what 'yoga' is really all about!

4) Yoga Does Not Have To Be That Serious

Child-rearing is serious. Budgeting– kinda important. 'Proper' yoga?– maybe not so much! What if you remembered that your practice was you affirmation of self-care? Would remembering the sweetness of your practice take some of the rigidity away and add to your enjoyment? I hope so! Each of us have enough responsibilites during our days that are serious. Don't ruin your yoga practice by putting rules on it!

Come in. Take care. Feel better.

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