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4 Steps To Nurture Yourself Every Day

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I’ve been running around lately, just waiting for the day when I’ll indulge myself by having a much-needed massage. A wise friend of mine suggested that I shouldn’t think of a massage as an indulgence but rather as a part of my routine. She asked me why it is that a workout or an hour of reading is not something I consider an indulgence, yet a massage (which has so many benefits) is. It was a great question, and the answer surprises many of us: We often don’t think we “deserve” to treat ourselves well, or we think we need to earn the right to soak in a tub or to get our body wrapped in seaweed.

The truth is: We all should nurture ourselves every day. It doesn’t have to be something for which we spend a lot of money either. There are very simple ways in which we can slow down and take care of ourselves.

Step 1 – Get Strong

First, make the time for yoga or for some form of exercise on a regular basis. Of course, there are numerous health benefits that come with exercise. Additionally, a strong body is more ready to tackle life’s daily challenges. So, when you exercise, you are helping yourself to de-stress. You nurture yourself!

Step 2 – Power Up

Second, take a nap! There is nothing like a 20-minute power nap to recharge and to remind yourself to slow down. It’s very easy to keep running all day so that by the time your head hits the pillow in the evening, you are beyond exhausted. Instead, slow down during the day. You’ll see that if you take the time to nap or to meditate, you will be even more grounded and efficient thereafter.

Step 3 – Play

Third, give yourself time to play. Whether you love to dance or to swing a golf club, get out there and do it! Set aside some time each day to simply have fun. Even if it is just five minutes of cranking up the music and letting go, give yourself the time to laugh and feel free.

Step 4 – Indulge Regularly

Fourth, change your definition of indulgence. Soak in a bubble bath and light some candles, or get an hour massage. Tell yourself that this is part of your weekly or monthly routine. The benefits of nurturing yourself can have a domino effect, too. When you feel good, you make others feel good. So, when you are taking care of yourself, you are indirectly being selfless!

Remember to simply slow down and take care of yourself. It is then that you can make a positive impact on your life and on the world.

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