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4 Reasons Why Yoga Is So Darn Loveable

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Once you started practicing yoga, did you start to wonder how (or why!) you ever survived without it? Perhaps when you reflect back, it seems as though yoga came into your life at just the right time, just when you needed it.

That’s because we intuitively seek out those things that serve us in a positive way, and when we let that intuitive guidance lead us in the direction of yoga, it so often results in a whole lotta love.

So for anyone who has been swept off their feet by this magical practice, check out these 4 reasons why I think yoga is just so damn loveable and see if you agree!

1. Relaxation Becomes A Reality, Not A Distant Dream

Ever caught yourself dreaming of Savasana in the middle of the day, when you’re rushing around between appointments and meetings? Forget the daydreams, relaxation is an important aspect of yoga, and it’s something that is included in almost all styles of yoga as a way to restore, rejuvenate and rebalance. This alone can make a stressed out, busy person fall in love with yoga!

2. Yoga Has The Perfect Combination Of Mainstream And Mystery

Yoga is enticing and intriguing but it is also very accessible. While previous generations of yogis were once considered a bit “kooky,” walk through most major cities these days and chances are you’ll bump into someone carrying a yoga mat. The fact that yoga is becoming more mainstream means that more people are open to trying it, yet it is still a practice that is steeped in tradition, giving it a mysterious, intangible side which draws you in and keeps you wanting more.

3. Yoga Opens Up The Heart Space, Filling Us With Love And Compassion

Have you noticed that you become kinder and more compassionate to others when you practice yoga? I often hear stories from people who are amazed at how open and loving they feel after they’ve been practicing for a while, and it’s often the reason why people keep returning to the mat.

When we walk around feeling angry, stressed or frightened, we tend to protect/block our heart space with both our posture and our attitude, and this can prevent us from connecting authentically with others. Once you open up the energy at the heart space (an awesome side effect of practicing yoga), it becomes easier to connect with others.

You start to see the good in everyone, you start to care about the way you react, think and speak, and the words ‘loving kindness’ start to really mean something to you.

4. Yoga Gives Us An Opportunity To Be Ourselves

It’s human nature to want other people to like us, so we alter our behaviours and actions to get the best results. How often do we put on a brave face, give off the image of success, or strive for perfection in order to be liked, respected and accepted?

For me, going to a yoga class is such a refreshing change. Where else can you turn up with a make up free face, messy hair, wearing comfortable loose clothing without raising an eyebrow? Where else are you given permission to lie down, relax and just be you? A yoga class provides us with a space where we are encouraged to be ourselves, to acknowledge, express and honour our authentic, essential nature.

I believe we all want to let our guards down and just be…and yoga provides a safe and supportive space for us to do that.

Falling in love with yoga is wonderful, and maintaining a long-term relationship with your practice is even better. When you do something you love, you feel uplifted, inspired and powerful and that’s an awesome source of energy to take you through your day!

It’s so easy to love yoga, and I know I’m not the only one to have fallen head over heels for this incredible life science. You probably have too, right? What is it about yoga that you love?

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