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4 Reasons To Ditch Yoga Class

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Not “feeling” like it, having to get caught up on your DVR’d shows, and a little rainy weather aren’t exactly good reasons to skip out on yoga. It’s true that there aren’t many good ones out there, but let’s get a few things straight. If any of the reasons below apply to you, I’ll give you a hall pass to ditch class.

1. You’re Sick As A Dog

Do everyone a favor and stay home in your pajamas if you’re stuck on an endless loop of phlegm-y coughs and impetuous sneezes. We all wish you well, but you know, from a distance…

2. Your Teacher Steps Out Of Line

I hate to say it, but with all the drama surrounding yogis lately (I’m looking at you, Bikram), never let your teacher overstep their boundaries in the name of yoga. If you ever run into this issue, find another class with another teacher.

3. After Eating A Heavy Meal

It’s not that all yoga would be a bad thing, but trust me when I tell you that you won’t be in any mood to downward dog unless you want that steak dinner to make a reappearance. Plus, those 75 minutes of nausea and indigestion would probably be enough to turn you off yoga for the rest of the month. Opt out!

4. You’ve Never Done Yoga, Just Found Out You're Pregnant, And Think This Power Class Is A Great Place To Start!

Let’s clarify: prenatal yoga is fantastic, but the beginning of your pregnancy is not the time to begin a rigorous vinyasa or hot yoga practice. Stick to something that will help prepare you for the marathon that is labor and delivery and worry about your strength in side plank some other time.

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