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4 Reasons to Book a Yoga Retreat Today

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Sandy beaches, lush tropics, remote destinations, time away, new adventures, fresh local food, moments of solitude and yoga — what more can you ask for?

Although it may sound trite, there truly is something magical, dare I say transformative, about yoga retreats. There’s nothing like them; not a class, workshop or conference compares. Ask those who’ve been and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who was disappointed they made the investment.

If you’ve never taken the leap then you don’t know what you’re missing and it may be the perfect time to find out. Here are three reasons you should highly consider booking a yoga retreat right now:

1. It’s more than a vacation.

While no one needs convincing that a vacation is well deserved, they aren’t always as relaxing and restorative as they’re cracked up to be. Have you ever arrived home from a trip and needed a vacation? Then you know what I’m talking about.

Yoga retreats are intentionally designed to de-stress, disconnect and decompress to help you completely unwind and begin relaxing as quickly as possible. Upon stepping foot on to the retreat’s property everything is taken care of for you.

Your room has been assigned, your schedule loosely set, meals planned and excursions arranged. There’s no planning, organizing, coordinating or scheduling on your part, making it easy for you to actually relax, even lose track of time altogether.

And then there’s the yoga, of course. Imagine waking each morning to move, stretch, and breath, only to do it all again at the end of the day. Yoga opens the body and calms the mind, quickly transitioning you from stress mode to let-go mode.

Plus, Savasana is extra sweet when you don’t have anywhere to be after class. Let the relaxing and rejuvenating begin!

2. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with yourself.

While yoga retreats can be quite then investment, they are an investment you make in yourself — or rather a gift you give to yourself. They offer you time and space away from your busy lives, roles and responsibilities to reconnect with yourself and check in with your values, desires and happiness.

While the yoga cracks you open, the retreat offers you a safe haven to be alone with yourself. In fact, many people attend yoga retreats solo, giving you the option to engage with the group when you feel like it as well as duck out no questions asked.

Without expectations or judgments, there’s an enormous amount of freedom to be whoever you are however you on a yoga retreat. You’re safe to be vulnerable and allow transformation and healing to take place in a supportive group of strangers. And the beauty a yoga retreat is as you reconnect with your authenticity, you will undoubtedly make connections with others that will last a lifetime.

3. It will deepen your yoga practice.

Yes, practice every day, sometimes twice a day, for a week and you’ll undoubtedly be further along in your physical yoga practice…but yoga retreats are about so much more. You’ll also have the opportunity to experience different aspects of the yoga tradition, such as rituals, meditation, breathing practices and chanting, perhaps for the first time.

Leaders will often set an intention or theme for their retreat — unpacking concepts, values and yogic teachings over the course of the week, continually inviting you to contemplate, journal and consider the topic during your downtime.

In such a way, you will deepen your understanding of yoga, along with what your yoga practice means to you.

Furthermore, retreats are unique in that they offer a workshop environment for teachers to breakdown and work on certain poses while giving personal attention to all attendees. Breakthroughs, physical as well as emotional, are extremely common. In such a supportive group environment, everyone begins to look out for one another, offering their own personal expertise and insight while cheering you on.

4. Return home feeling inspired.

After days of yoga, relaxation, healthy eating, reconnecting and possible soul searching — you’ll return home feeling balanced, grounded and inspired. Doing something that brings you joy surrounded by stunning landscapes, how could you not?

With a clear head, fresh outlook and renewed passion, you’ll be inspired to create new healthy habits, conquer goals and start those creative projects you’ve been putting off. Plus you’ll have a new support system and a belt full of new tools to keep you going.

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