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4 Practical Tips to Embrace Change

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As yogis, we learn to come to our breath, live in the moment, and become conscious of the change constantly happening inside and all around us. Change is inevitable—whether we want it to happen or not!

So why is it difficult to embrace change at times? If change is going to happen anyway, why can't accepting it be natural?

1. Take the Intimidation Out of It

The idea of change can be intimidating and force you out of your comfort zone. It might be easier to accept the notion that “people don’t change,” which has become so widely accepted. But the underlying truth is that change is going to happen, and we should be ready to accept the good, or bad, that it may bring.

2. Face Your Fear

Ask yourself, "what are you afraid of?" Fear of change is a big obstacle—and the first step to overcoming obstacles is discovering the truth behind it. Are you afraid of being alone? Of revealing a secret? Failure or loss?

Personally, I am afraid of lack of financial security. I like to know that there is enough money in the bank to pay the bills, cover groceries, and provide a cushion if something unexpected were to come up. Unfortunately, I have been tested recently.

I had the opportunity to spend some money to make some positive changes, or keep it and stay stagnant and safe, and I chose to make a change. In turn, expenses are high. As the bank account dwindles, my anxiety level goes up, and this forces me to face my fear of financial insecurity.

The reality is that there are lots of ways to bring in more revenue, tap resources that I haven't explored, and make wise decisions about what money should go where. This exercises my coping and problem-solving abilities, and encourages me to accept the ever-changing flux of funds and the positive changes it brings with it.

Another common fear when accepting change is the thought of losing a part of yourself.

To make deep, lasting changes, you must work through old feelings and parts of yourself that you've pushed away.~April Saunders

This can be difficult for people who fear opening the door and revisiting old, painful memories and emotions. If this can be met with acceptance and an open mind, transformation will take place with beauty and grace.

3. Find Your Patience

It’s important to remember that when it comes to quitting a bad habit, altering unwanted behavior, or tackling complicated feelings, change takes time. You need to find a way to be okay with yourself throughout the process.

Be patient, compassionate, and kind to yourself on your journey towards change. We want to be different, we want to heal, and we want to feel better. But we also want instant gratification. Once the decision to change is made, place a realistic time frame on your goal. Change doesn't happen overnight.

4. Embrace Your Strength and Capacity

Being comfortable with making a change is easier for some people than it is for others. The most common thing that stands between the two is a lack of awareness that an alternative way of being exists. On the other hand, some people are aware that an alternative way of being exists, but they don’t think that it’s possible for them.

Realize that you are strong, capable, and that change is possible for you. Everyone is deserving of their best life—to heal, unload the burden, and find a sense of peace and satisfaction.

It all starts with self-acceptance and an open heart. Om Shanti.

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