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4 New Props to the Yoga Scene and How to Use Them

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Yoga props are wonderful tools for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners. We can all benefit greatly from them, whether as an occasional support or as a tool to elevate our practice. You probably already have your favorite yoga props, but here are some new ones you might want to try to mix things up a little.

1. Yoga Wheels

Image credit: Ania

The yoga wheel has become increasingly popular on social media, but have you actually tried it yet? The hollow wheel that comes in few different sizes and brands looks so simple, and yet can offer a lot of help and support for your asana practice.

The yoga wheel is mostly known for making backbends safer and more accessible, but you can also use it for Restorative yoga, to help with hip openers or with gentle backbends.

To take it to the next level, use the yoga wheel as support for forearm balances. Hold on to the side of the wheel closest to you, and by pressing the back of your head gently onto the wheel, you will gain some additional balancing support.

2. Yoga Swings

Image credit: Ania

If you love aerial yoga, you’ll love this variation! Yoga swings and slings take anti-gravity yoga to a whole new level, and the best part is that you can set this version up at home without remodeling your house.

These freestanding swings come with their own stand, and although it bears some similarities to aerial yoga (depending what version of the swing you would choose), it offers many more additional features.

The anti-gravity helper is great for maintaining balance, for easing the weight on your hands in inversions, and you can even utilize padded footholds to practice standing poses with more ease than in a regular aerial silk. Your spine will thank you for this prop.

3. Nontraditional Yoga Blocks

Image credit: Yogo Girls

Outside of the rectangular yoga blocks we’re all used to, there are now blocks of various shapes to help certain aspects of your practice. From triangular to cylindrical there’s a block and use for every pose.

A personal favorite is an egg-shaped block because the rounded shape fits better with the body and feels more comfortable than a regular rectangular block.

My favorite way of using this prop is to place the block under my back lengthwise (or use two next to each other for more comfort) and enjoy a great back opening. There are several types of blocks, some more geared for weight bearing poses, others more for general support.

4. Yoga Socks

Image credit: Yogo Girls

Traveling light without a yoga mat? Try these funky but practical, non-slip yoga socks. Great for winter days, for extra warmth for Yin yoga, or as extra grip on a yoga mat.

The yoga socks are perhaps the easiest and most effortless addition to your yoga practice. The grip on the socks allows your feet to stay planted (for those extra fluid transitions) on just about any surface, sans yoga mat. So just throw them in a bag, and go, taking your practice anywhere.

Whether you use traditional yoga props (such as blocks and bolsters) or not, these are some new options to choose from to elevate your practice—and they’re fun!

Image credit: Ania

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