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3 Ways To Use Argan Oil For Beauty

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I have only recently jumped on the bandwagon for Argon oil (I know, I know, what a shame as a natural beauty lover)! I have been such a loyal coconut oil user that I did not think to try something else. However, I’m so glad I did – because I love it and my skin does too. You can also use it with good conscience, knowing that Argan oil is mainly produced by women co-operatives in Morocco and the recent boom in demand has resulted in more jobs!

1. For Your Hair

Since argan oil is pretty much fragrance free, I’ve opted to use this in my hair during the day as a frizz smoother to add an extra touch of hydration. Use a few drops in my hair right before a hot yoga class for a salon-like treatment! I had contemplated using coconut oil, but since it smells so delicious, it is definitely less discreet.

2. For Your Eyelashes

By far the best eyelash conditioner I have ever used. I absolutely detest using mascara unless I must because I feel it ruins my lashes if used on a daily basis. Now argan oil’s nourishing properties leave my lashes fuller and more pigmented without mascara! Use it before bed for the best results.

3. As A Facial Serum/Oil

Cold winter months are notorious for drying out our skin. Beat the weather by using argan oil as an ultra-hydrating serum (before moisturizer) or as a face oil (after moisturizer). You can find a happy medium by adding a few drops of argan oil into your moisturizer as well. The possibilities are endless!

Have fun and stay hydrated!

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