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3 Ways to Get Your Happy Back

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It's incredibly easy to lose sight of present happiness in the search for future happiness. It's ok, it happens to the best of us!

But to try and prevent that from happening, here are 3 great ways to get your happy back in the present moment.

1. Take Off Your "Happiness Glasses"

I'm not talking about your cute new sunglasses, my friend. I'm talking about the glasses we put on as humans when we have an end goal in sight.

These glasses come with lenses the size of a pinhole, so that all you are able to see is that end result. Don't get me wrong, having something to aim towards is great, but when we have our Happiness Glasses on, all we can see is the end goal.

We miss the journey in between here and there; a journey that usually has a lot of happy in it already.

2. Let Go of End Goal Attachments

"I will be happy when…I lose weight; I have more money; I have a perfect relationship; I get the promotion…"

Does this sound familiar? Don't beat yourself up about it, we are human! Setting goals for ourselves is our natural way of reminding ourselves to strive for better. Just watch out for the attachment to your end goal. Here is something to remember:

Attachment to the End Goal = Loss of Awareness

Loss of Awareness = Being out of tune with feelings of happiness

This means that when you finally do reach your end goal, you won't feel as happy as you had hoped, because you will have lost some awareness along the way! Not to mention, you may have even let some pretty happy situations pass by without realizing it.

3. Ditch the Assumptions

By getting caught up in what others think, what others' situations are, and assuming things about them, we rob ourselves of happiness.

When we surround ourselves with the media, and even social media, we tend to assume others may be happy when they have something that we are searching for.

When we assume they are happy, or assume they may think less of us, we are choosing to give something or someone else the power to control our happiness.

Just as with yoga, this is a daily practice. Practice choosing your happiness in the very moment every day. When you can begin to choose to move forward with awareness and positivity, you will start to uncover your own true happiness exactly where you are.

How do you get your happy back? Share with us below!

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