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3 Vegan Sweets to Satisfy Your Summer Sweet Tooth

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On warm summer evenings, when I was a kid, we would walk to town for a frozen treat from our local farm and dairy’s ice cream shop. They offered standard ice cream by the scoop, milkshakes, sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, and the richest, most decadent chocolate milk you could ever imagine. Icy goodness in hand, we’d make our way out to the sidewalk and watch the sun go down as we slowly relished every last bite. For me, summer always went hand-in-hand with ice cream. Vegan sweets weren't really a topic back then.

Over the years, things have changed a bit and I’ve put a lot of thought into finding some imaginative and satisfying summer deserts to add to my plant-based repertoire. Below are three quick and easy vegan sweets that you can throw together at home in minutes. Needless to say, they’re much healthier than ice cream!

Grilled, Roasted, and Sautéed Fruit

Grilled fruits!

Sautéed peaches and roasted pineapple are two of my favorites, but you can use just about any fruit you like. In the summer, it’s best to go with what’s in season, so pop a roasting pan full of freshly picked strawberries into the oven, or grill up some juicy plums and sprinkle with organic granola or top off with a scoop of your favorite dairy-free frozen desert.

Plant-Based Popsicles

I made lemon basil popsicles a few weeks back and they were incredibly refreshing. Pair your favorite fruit with a herb of choice like mint, basil, or rosemary. For a bit of a kick, try ginger or even jalapeño for a fun and interesting twist on the summer dessert classic. Vegan sweets at their best!

Vegan Fruit Compotes

Fruit compote isn’t just for topping pancakes and whipping up a batch requires very minimal effort. All you need is your fruit of choice, lemon juice, and agave nectar. Put a scoop or two over dairy-free frozen desert, spoon over grilled stone fruits, or top with a coconut milk whipped cream.

It continues to be a challenge for me to forgo ice cream in the summer – it just seems like the natural thing to snack on. But there’s so many healthy and delicious plant-based recipes out there that are sure to satisfy even the most intense sweet tooth. Enjoy your vegan sweets!

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