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3 Simple Steps To Learn To Go With The Flow

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It’s okay to feel fear when life is turning in different directions and it’s not the way you planned. That is normal. That is called being a human. And that’s called life. Understanding where the fear comes from and how to accept the stage of life you’re in is the challenging part.

There are articles written about how to get out of the “blah, blah, nothing’s changed, nothing’s new” times in life…but those are real moments in time. I say, you should ask yourself why you are avoiding change, rather than jumping in the boat flow and saying, “Onward!”

Here are three simple steps to doing just that:

1. You will never know the outcome.

You can fantasize, romanticize, or fear what’s coming next; either way, until you go through something, the outcome remains unclear. Tip: Breathe through the rough waves until you find yourself taking sweet, deep breaths and walking into calm water. Close your eyes if it brings you peace in fearful situations.

2. Everything will be okay.

There is a plan for everyone, including the basic plan, the “right when you should’ve gone left” plan, and the plan no one saw coming. No matter how tough a situation in life gets, know that with time, “this too shall pass.”

3. Trying to control a situation or person is a guaranteed setup for failure.

Have you noticed the more you try to control something or someone, the more out of hand a situation becomes? Know this. Know yourself. Be happy in who you are and revel in the unknown. It’s one of the best surprises in life.

I look back on events, parties and opportunities I didn’t attend because of fear:

  • “They won’t like me.”
  • “I’m not at my goal weight.”
  • “I don’t know what I want to do with my life and I don’t want to answer any questions.”
  • “I am not smart enough.”
  • “I haven’t worked out today.”

Today, I work on uplifting and positive self-talk. Give it a shot and see what happens. If you’re not sure how, here are some of my personal choices for positive self-talk for going with the flow:

  • “Everything is going to be okay and I will be my most true self.”
  • “It is okay that my life isn’t where I want it yet.”
  • “I will accept the unknown and let it excite me.”

What are some of the positive and uplifting words and phrases that have worked, and continue to work, for you? Share them below!

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