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3 Quick and Easy Ways to Find Peace in a Moment

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A “moment” is considered to be a short period of time. It’s interesting to realize how often you hear people say “I don’t have time to read a good book”, “I can’t find time to go out with my friends” or “I have no time to go to the gym”. Why is that?

Are our lives so busy that we can no longer find time for the things we enjoy? Are we really so busy that we can’t find time to stop the chaos even when we most need to feel calm?

If this sounds like you, here are my 3 suggestions on quick ways to find peace in a moment.

1. Just…Stop

Take a moment to just stop what you’re doing and open your eyes. Look around you. Gaze your eyes to the left and then to the right. Gaze up to the sky and down to the earth. Finally, focus your eyes back to center.

Take a deep inhale and a long exhale. Try this three times, and listen to every inhale and exhale.

2. Close Your Eyes

Take this moment to pull in the energy from your surroundings to find a sense of stillness — recognizing that the world around you is still moving, but you are still. You are at peace.

Inhale and bring forth any negative moments and thoughts that bring you anxiety then exhale and release them. With every inhale allow the negative energy to pull up from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head, exhale and release it.

Doing this seemingly simple thing will allow your body to welcome peace into your soul.

3. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is an emotion of expressing appreciation. Appreciate the moment of peace you just now created. Though it may only have been a moment, it’s an important moment in your day that finds you in a more clear sense of mind.

Taking the moment to find peace will also grant you benefits you may not have imagined. You’ll find yourself happier, less stressed, and smiling more. You’ll find patience and a positive source of energy settling in your soul. If you stop, close your eyes and show gratitude — peace will come.

And who knows, you may even find that you DO actually have the time to enjoy those things in life that make you happy.

I hope this helps you find peace everyday, even if it’s just in small doses! How do you find peace in a moment?

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