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3 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Michael Jackson

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Last week I started my new morning meditation practice, and whilst listening to a few of my favorite Michael Jackson tunes, I had a massive breakthrough.

Thanks to my mum's obsession with him, I used to LOVE Michael Jackson when I was a little one.

I learned the whole dancing sequence of "Thriller" and I would dance along to "Black and White" like nobody's business. I was hooked.

Thirteen years later, I find myself back dancing to my favorite songs, and I can't help myself but to spot messages that can empower pop lovers and us all. Regardless of what we may think about his own personal story and all the controversies that surrounded his life, Michael Jackson and his music truly had and still has the power to move us all.

1. I am willing to fight for what I feel is right.

Beat me, hate me, You can never break me.
Will me, thrill me, You can never kill me.
Jew me, sue me, Everybody do me.
Kick me, kike me, Don't you black or white me.

~They Don't Care About You

This is a strong message. For me, it translates into a message of listening to your gut and standing up for your values and ideas, even when it may not feel right at first. It doesn't have to be someone else breaking or shaking us; sometimes your very own brain is not willing to follow the heart and let you take the leap, make that phone call, or end that relationship.

Sometimes we need to know less and feel more. It doesn't matter what anyone does or says; you have a choice much bigger than yourself, and you must protect it and embody it.

2. Don't hide inside the box.

See, it's not about races, just places, faces.
Where your blood comes from is where your space is.
I've seen the bright get duller.
I'm not going to spend my life being a color.

~Black or White

It doesn't matter what people do, say, or think, I am not willing to be put inside a box. We are all unique and we are all alike, and we should be protecting our right to be treated as equal. It's all about dropping prejudices about who we are connecting with—their skin color, their beliefs, their job, or their values—and being open minded. Sometimes we forget that.

3. It all starts from within.

If you want to make the world a better place, just look at yourself and make that change.

~Man in the Mirror

Maybe it's a bit corny, but this song is quite inspirational. It's powerful because it's true. It's so easy to forget that in order to truly change the world, we must be the ones who take the first step and act upon it.

Look at and see all the many ways you can be more caring, generous, loving with everyone. Happiness and kindness is a journey that truly starts from within.

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