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Bon Voyage – 3 Holiday Travel Beauty Tips

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With the holidays just around the corner, many of us will be flying across the country (or globe) to spend precious moments with our beloved ones. Whether it is a long haul plane ride, a cross-country road trip or a red-eye flight – we can definitely use some tips on how to pack smart and combat fatigued skin. Read on to find out what power products to pack and what you can do to lessen the travel-time damage on your skin.

1. Stay Hydrated And Comfortable When Travelling

Long haul flights will leave your skin feeling very dehydrated and uncomfortable. To prevent this, I always take a hot shower and moisturize before heading to airport. It helps me stay comfortable during long haul flights. Additionally, I always bring herbal teabags on the flight for extra warmth and benefits. For skin, a general rule is to never wear any make-up during a long haul flight. Cleanse the face thoroughly, then hydrate properly. I love using a face oil on top of my regular moisturizer to really seal the moisture in. Then, close your eyes and get your beauty sleep high in the sky until you reach your destination…in bliss

2. Pack powerhouse skin products

Powerhouse skin products are ones that are versatile, highly effective and convenient for travel. (Especially with the airport regulations on carrying liquids onto the flight!) For versatility, nothing beats natural organic oils. Some of my favorites include coconut oil, jojoba oil or almond oil. These beauty elixirs can be used as moisturizers for face or body, makeup removers or even a leave in hair conditioner. For cosmetics, try packing a tinted moisturizer with spf (so it acts as foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen), a neutral pink lipstick that you can double up as cream blush and mascara. No one will ever know your holiday look was created with such ease. Less is truly more!

3. Pack your own healthy options

I think we will all agree that airplane food isn’t exactly Michelin star worthy. Eating unhealthy while traveling long hours will leave you even worse off than you need to be. So eat smart and pack healthy snacks to take with you. Almonds and nuts are great options. Otherwise grapes or carrot sticks are also amazing. Another favorite of mine is to bring a few packets of instant miso soup (just ask the attendant to add hot water) for a guilt free snack. If all else fails, check with your airline – most offer healthy meal options if reserved beforehand.

Happy holidays and safe travels to all!

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