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3 Good Reasons To Blow Off Yoga And Drink Wine Instead

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I know just the title of this alone has probably made some yogis completely furious. Particularly those who believe that alcohol is not congruent with a path of seeking spiritual enlightenment. Thankfully, neither is judgement of others — and for some of us, that means that the occasional glass (or 7) of wine/beer/vodka etc. is just part-and-parcel of keeping us sane.

We’re not talking about having a raging blinder out on the town where you black out and can’t remember how you got home — we’re talking about drinking mindfully and in moderation.

Yes, there are times where an hour on the mat will do infinitely more good than a night nursing a nice pinot, but there are times when blowing off yoga for a couple of drinks may just be in your highest good.

1. It’s Your Birthday

I really feel that this one barely needs an explanation. It’s your one day of the year to do whatever you darn well please, and if some champagne seems more fun than Chaturanga then just go for it. You don’t owe anyone an explanation here!

2. You’ve Just Had A World Changing Dramatic Event

You broke up with your partner, had a raging, potentially friendship-ending fight with the bestie, you lost a loved one, you got some terrible health news…you get the point. There are times when we are just so overcome with emotion – maybe anger, frustration, grief or sadness – that stepping onto our mat is just pointless.

Sometimes, we need to just sit with our emotions in order to get our heads together a little, and sometimes a glass of wine might be just what we need.

3. Because It’s Fun.

Drinking wine with my best girlfriend is one of the things that bring me the greatest joy in life. She is brilliant, compassionate, a beautiful yogi and one of the funniest people I’ve ever met (but not in a way that I think she always intends). Now that she lives on the other side of the world, I think I realise even more that drinking wine with her has been one of the most spiritually transformative things in my life.

When yoga is supposed to be about raising our consciousness levels and living from a place of joy, peace, and love – then sometimes drinking wine is definitely the best yoga!

There are times when blowing off yoga for wine definitely isn’t in your highest good. If you’re feeling lazy and apathetic, when you’re maybe avoiding dealing with your issues, or if you find your ego making some pretty lame excuses — then leave the wine ‘til after class and just go.

Ring your yoga accountability buddy, tell yourself you’ll just stay in Child’s pose, bribe yourself with an after class reward – whatever you need to do to get there, just do it. Whether you wanted to go in the beginning or not, you’ll definitely be glad that you did.

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