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21 Signs You’re A Yogi On Vacation

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Passport ready? Tickets booked? Yoga pants packed? Check.

Here’s how you show the world you’re into yoga, whether you’re basking on a beach in Bali, trekking in Peru or entertaining the kids at a resort in Hawaii. After all, the urge to practice yoga doesn’t stop just because you’re in a different time zone.

1. Your Mat Is First In Your Suitcase. Who Needs Shampoo?

Credit: nubry Credit: Nubry

2. Your Carry On Is A Little Bulky

Credit: Ourfavoriteadventure Credit: Ourfavoriteadventure

3. You’ve Fully Embraced The Concept of Airplane Yoga

Credit: I.yogasportsfederation Credit: I.yogasportsfederation

4. And Delays Don’t Faze You

Credit: Spiritvoyage Credit: Spiritvoyage

5. You Own a Travel-Sized Yoga Mat (Or Three)

Credit: Monicareneewatson Credit: Yogo

6. The First Thing You Check Is The Resort’s Class Schedule

Credit: Thetravelyogi Credit: Thetravelyogi

7. Or The Location Of The Local Yoga Studio

Credit: Myinsens Credit: Myinsens

8. You’ve Already Made Some Yogi Friends

Credit: Prlog Credit: Prlog

9. Or Bonded With Your Travelling Yogi Girlfriends

Credit: Riotimesonline Credit: Riotimesonline

10. You Know How To Chill When The Pace of Travel Gets Too Much

Credit: Happytreepose Credit: Happytreepose

11. And You Can Meditate Anywhere

Credit:Huffingtonpost Credit:Huffingtonpost

12. Even The Smallest Hotel Room Provides Some Yoga Space

Credit: Suzysorensen Credit: Suzysorensen

13. Have YouTube Yoga Channel, Will Travel

Credit: Health Credit: Health

14. You Prefer To Journey By Foot

Credit: Yogatraveltree Credit: Yogatraveltree

15. You Know How to Appreciate the View

Credit: The-wandering-yogi Credit: The-wandering-yogi

16. And Wherever There’s a Beach….

Credit: Examiner Credit: Examiner

17 …Or A Mountain…..

17 Credit: Sidawson

18 …A Lake…

Credit: Rippowamyoga Credit: Rippowamyoga

19. Or A Historic Monument, There’s A Yoga Opportunity

Credit: Thecultureis Credit: Thecultureis

20. Even Underwater

Credit: Yogapaws Credit: Yogapaws

21. And You Always Take A Moment To Breathe, Wherever You Are

Credit: Rentcafe Credit: Rentcafe

Vacation is the ideal time to practice yoga. You’re more relaxed, open, and inspired – plus, who doesn’t want to do some Sun Salutations by the ocean? And if your getaway turns out to be less of a laidback dream vacation and more of a crazy family adventure, yoga keeps you grounded and flexible –wherever you are in the world.

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