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21 Adorable Photos of Yogis with their Dogs

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What could be better than a good home yoga practice? A good home yoga practice with dogs, obviously. Dogs make everything better, but as these Instagrammers prove, that goes double for yoga.

Whether it means doing Downward Dog with your pup or simply drawing inspiration from their canine Zen, dogs are clearly a yogi’s best friend. Here are 21 photos of yogis with their dogs to make you smile and maybe inspire your next practice. 😉

1. You know Adriene from YouTube. But do you know her dog?

You should. His name is Benji and he’s adorable.

2. Pups make the greatest props.

A post shared by Just Nikki (@nikkivictory) on

No yoga block? No problem. Use your fluffy friend instead.

3. Handstands = perfect for puppy kisses.

A post shared by Taylor Harkness (@tjhark) on

Taylor Harkness’s dog, Jake, knows what’s up—which is not his dad’s face, because that’s right at tongue-level.

4. No one does a downward dog like an actual dog.

I mean, there’s a reason they named it that.

5. What goes downward must go upward.

A post shared by CrossFanático (@crossfanatico) on

Take notes, human.

6. Kathryn Budig loves taking yoga photos. Her dog, Ashi? Not so much.

A post shared by Kathryn Budig (@kathrynbudig) on

And yet he still totally steals the spotlight.

7. Happiness is a warm puppy (who will cuddle with you during Savasana).

A post shared by Shaniki (@yogi_shaniki) on

What's not to love about Savasana? Oh, the fact that it doesn't usually involve puppies. Problem solved.

8. TFW your dog crashes your yoga session. . .

. . . but your dog is so cute that you can’t even be mad.

9. This dog’s name is Inca, and she thinks you should look at her, not her mom.

A post shared by Karolina Horak H (@karoin) on

And she's right. That's a nice Marichyasana pose, but nothing competes with that fluffy face.

10. The only thing better than yoga with a dog? Yoga with TWO dogs.

A post shared by V ( on

All the giggling you’re sure to do will help build extra core strength.

11. Dogs are great yoga coaches.

Look how much she’s improved under his tutelage.

12. Partner yoga? Better when your partner is a pup.

A post shared by Mr. Yogi (@mr.yogi.dogi) on

For all those dogs who’ve ever dreamed of flying.

13. This is definitely your dog’s favorite pose.

A post shared by ali (@alexandrasaff) on

“Now just mindfully place the treat on my tongue. . .”

14. These are some serious backbend goals.

A post shared by Tanya Sizemore (@tanyasizemore) on

Someone give this dog a treat, already!

15. Yoga twist. Ur doin it rite.

That’s not the exact pose, Max, but close enough.

16. One of them is learning a new trick.

But who’s teaching who?

17. Someone is not taking this session seriously.

But who said yoga needed to be serious, anyway?

18. When your dog becomes your Drishti.

Developing concentrated intention has never been so cute.

19. Your dog calls this one "Who’s A Good Boy?" pose.

You’re a good boy, Moki. You’re a good boy.

20. Some dogs just can’t get enough yoga.

A post shared by Nic and Pancho (@nicandpancho) on

Pancho always has yoga on his mind.

21. Don’t forget to smile!

A post shared by @janee_yoginee on

Let’s be honest, if you’re practicing yoga with your dog, you probably don’t have a choice.

The cutest dogs in the world are always your dog—so why not take some cute yoga photos with them? When you do, make sure to share them with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

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