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19 Days Of Prayer – Are Mental Challenges Harder Than Physical Ones?

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“Being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe and everything to do with your state of consciousness.”

~ Eckhart Tolle

Over a decade ago, during a very difficult time in my life, I uncovered the immense power of reiki healing and meditation as an alternative to anti- anxiety drugs. We all find ourselves in dark corners, spinning in circles, just to end up enveloped in darkness once again; unable to find the light switch. We reach and reach, but we come up empty handed. Our hands will remain empty until we reach deep within our own beings. Reaching without, instead of within is like seeing a mirage in the middle of the desert. We run to it. It can save us, bring us back to life. We get closer than we’d ever imagined and… darkness. Thirst.

When we come back to ourselves, we uncover our true nature. It was pulsating inside of us the whole time. It’s in our chest and filled with light. Our internal light switch was just waiting to be turned on. It was right there all along, throbbing, calling us home as we roamed the desert… searching.

It wasn’t until a reiki master sat across from me, teaching me how to take a REAL breath, and lay his hands over my seven energy centers that I realized what I’d been searching for was within me. We are beings of light. Peace is always available to us. We are also human and weighed down with tricky egos. They are heavy and powerful. We must simply accept and observe the ebb and flow of our emotions, our reactions… Our humanity.

We feel enlightened. We step into awareness. Then we retract.

We react to others from our very core, which is that of pure love. Then, we don't.

At times, especially after a long stretch of giving a lot of time to my yoga practice, like throughout a 20 or 30 day challenge, it’s almost as if I can look with my third eye in the face of difficulty, accessing a higher consciousness. My physical body and conscious mind are raised up in light. I can feel illumination in all that I do.

Then, it is not.

I will suddenly react from a place of fear or anger in a difficult moment.

By definition, a yogi is a person that gets back into a posture every time they fall out, never giving in, never giving up. We can all make that choice on many levels in our lives. We can all attain a yogi’s mind. We fall out, we get back in.

For 19 days, we can set our intention to step into awareness, into presence. As we disempower certain perceptions and beliefs that no longer serve us, even if only temporarily, we can shift our consciousness to a higher state of awareness of the underlying spiritual nature of all things.

Ultimately, we are adding strength and versatility to our lives; moving from external growth, to a more internal expansion.

Whether prayer is used to try and heal a broken heart, an addiction, or to help us to be more present in the face of life’s complexities; prayer is actually a form of meditation (training the mind or inducing a certain level of consciousness).

When the mind is in a state of unrest, peacefulness and clarity must be brought back to consciousness. Our minds are incredibly stubborn.

Our egos are bottomless pits that are ravenously hungry; they love to hold onto stale thoughts that no longer serve us. Through establishing positive routines in practicing meditation, yoga, sitting in prayer for a few minutes, or even just spending quiet time alone – we can step into peaceful reflection and see from our heart center.

We all have divine potential. Through prayer and meditation, we all have the ability to transform negative emotions into feelings of forgiveness, love, and compassion.

I was talking with a friend about people that just exude light, bringing light into a room; a healing light that emanates from every fiber of their being and their very presence soothes those around them. Reiki practitioners, meditation teachers, yoga instructors…

They practice. They tirelessly devote their practice to sensitive awareness that while divine potential is available to them, they must still enable it by practicing.

No one is at a " higher" level than us, spiritually. We are spirit. We are love. We must courageously practice redirecting our focus back to our true nature, manifesting heart developing habits. It takes practice. We are all the same.

Our capacity to love is great, and with practice we can tap into the richness of an inner landscape that allows us to access our highest potential.

Conscious living does not mean attaining perfection or thinking ourselves as " higher" than others.

It is simply staying connected to our true nature through practice. My loving reiki master gave me this prayer over a decade ago. When I fall out in my life, I reach within and practice this unity Prayer of Light. I notice my consciousness shift. I see with different eyes, and love more deeply. This love includes self-love, first and foremost.

The cycle continues.

I will fall out over and over again in life. I will step into awareness… then, into darkness…

I will try to get back in every time. I will get back into my heart, my light, myself. I offer this to all of you with love and faith.

For 19 days… Practice. If you fall out, think yogi…get right back in. Release.

Let love in. Breathe deeply.

Let light in.



Unity Prayer Of Light

Three times each day for 19 days.

I release all of my past fears, negatives, human relationships and my inner self to the Light.
I am a Light being.
I generate the Light from my Light Center throughout my being.
I generate the Light from my Light center to everything.
I am in a bubble of Light and only Light can come to me.
And only Light can be here with me.
I thank you God for everything.

My aura is sealed.

My mirror shield of protection is up and in full force.

Any energy coming to me that is not unconditional love is returned to the sender for their own personal growth.

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