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18 Thoughts You Have in Your First Morning Yoga Class

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All new yogis have to start somewhere. Some of us are content to begin with a home practice or evening classes, leaving early morning classes to the more advanced yogis. But some yogis don’t want to take it slow. Some yogis would rather jump in with both feet by starting their practice with early morning classes. Go big or go home, right?

It’s your first yoga class and it starts at 6 AM? You go, brave yogi! If you’ve decided to start a new practice and tackle early morning yoga at the same time, these are the thoughts that will almost definitely cross your mind—especially if you’re not a morning person. But don’t worry. It’s all worth it in the end!

1. Early morning yoga? Pffft, no big deal.

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…you say at 10 PM the night before.

2. Oh God, seriously? It’s time to wake up already?

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But didn’t I JUST fall asleep?

3. What was I thinking committing to an early morning yoga class?


So. Tired.

4. So this is what the world looks like at 6 AM.


It’s kind of nice how quiet it is. But also kind of creepy.

5. It is so quiet in this studio. Is everyone still asleep?

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And if not, can we go back to sleep? Please?

6. Touch my toes? HA, not at this hour.


Um. Actually not at any hour.

7. Hold on, Downward Dog is a resting pose? That can’t be right.


By “resting pose” I thought you meant going back to sleep.

8. Wow, I’m gonna smell GREAT at work today.


Guess it’s time to suck it up and use those gym showers because I am sweaty AF.

9. How does everyone else look so graceful? Don’t they know what time it is?!


There’s no way I am even the same species that they are.

10. Is it over? Please let it be over.



11. Seriously, if I do one more Vinyasa, I WILL DIE.

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Send help. And coffee.

12. Huh…I did not die.


Okay so that Vinyasa was hard, but I survived. Who’d have thought?

13. Savasana, thank god! I know this one!

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Savasana just means naptime, right? . . . No? Really?

14. Focusing on my breath…Focusing on my breath…Zzzzzzzz


Huh? What? No, I wasn’t sleeping. That was meditating. Totally.

15. I did it. I actually did it.


Take THAT, Karen at work who doubted me!

16. And now I feel SUPER accomplished and energized!


I’m going to be productive AF after this.

17. This is truly the most glorious morning in the history of mornings.


Is this what it’s like to be a morning person?

18. Okay, early morning yoga class. Same time next week?

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Hell yeah!

Have you tackled the double whammy of taking your first yoga class early in the morning? Share your stories, tips, and tricks with us in the comments!

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